Monday, January 28, 2013

Afterschool treat

Today we had a nice afternoon visit with Nammie.  I usually watch baby Millie on Mondays but since we've been sick her mommy decided it was best to keep her home.... can't say I blame her!! : )  That freed up our afternoon so when my mom texted me to see if I wanted to get together for ice cream I knew the kids would love that sweet surprise!! : )
Ethan, who isn't a big fan of sweets, even enjoyed himself!!!!  He sampled cookies and sampled ice cream and enjoyed being one of the big kids!! : )  He didn't eat much... he just likes to carry these things around with him.... helps him feel included!
Then there is Addyson, she loves to sample EVERYONE's!!!!  She always asks, "Can I try a bit of yours????"  Today was no different.  She got a little taste of everyone's....and finished what Nammie left in her cup!!!
Owen is content eating his.... and only his!  If you offer him a bite, he politely refuses.  He rarely asks for a bit of anyone's.... I can't remember the last time he asked to try something of mine.  Funny how they are all so different!!
After a long night last night and no nap, I was really craving sweets.... this met my need....helped me entertain the kids...... and helped the kids get their "Nammie fill".   Thanks Nammie for our sweet afterschool treat.

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