Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Panther Game

This afternoon Owen had his second basketball game of the season.  I have to admit I was a bit worried about this one; after the game we had last time I wasn't sure what to expect out of the other team, Owen has been sick all week so I wasn't sure of his energy level, and we have all been sick all week so I wasn't sure of our energy level!  I feared the worse (Owen throwing up on the floor or asking to leave the game because of exhaustion) but hoped for the best!
But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the kids had a great game!!!  Owen got in there without any reservations and played a great game!!  The other team had great sportsmanship and played proper defense.... you can tell their coach really worked with them on "arms up".
Our guys did great working the ball through the defense, passing to each other, 
 and taking lots of shots!!  We just need to work on re-bounding!!!
And the 4 of us survived watching the game.  I actually started to feel better once I was there.  Getting out of the house (as well as our walk before the game) probably helped me out!!!!  Addyson loves watching the game; she cheers, does her jumps, poses for the camera, climbs the bleachers, and
helps me take pictures.... of herself....
...... of the game.....
 ..... abstract photos of the atmosphere....
.... and of me!!! : )
Ethan, well he is a different story!!!  This boy loves loves to be down, running around, and running on the court.  It is a constant struggle with him!!!  I can hardly keep him contained.  Since I wasn't feeling good, I brought the stroller in to buckle him in.... he wasn't a fan of this.  I'm not a fan of the kid leash but I'm about to have to get one with him... chasing him while wearing my "boot" is a bit exhausting at times!!!
Brad gets the good seat!!!  He sits over in our bench area with the kids and other dads and gives Owen pep talks when he isn't playing!!!  Ahhhhh, a nice fun and relaxing job!!!  I think we need to start trading off with kids at the game or start getting Ethan a sitter!!!
All in all it was a GREAT game!!  We didn't win but we had SO much fun, made so much progress, and have a great foundation in place to build on!!  It is going to be a great season!!
We all got to end on a high note.... Ethan loves when the game is over and he can run on the court!!!  Soon he'll be playing ball here too!!!  Go Panthers!!

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