Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Bookworms

Ethan has been in the process of trying to change up his nap schedule.  He is giving up his morning nap and taking a 2.5-3.5 hour nap in the afternoon.  To make this possible I've had to have help picking up Addyson from school... thankfully another mom drives by our house on her way home from picking up her son at the same school so she has offered to bring Addyson home for me.  This has opened up more opportunities for Ethan and I to get out and do things!!!
This morning we met his friend Pelinsu at the library for baby bookworms!!!  We got there early... we went right after we dropped off Addyson.... and they happened to be there early too so we got to work on puzzles together!
I was excited to take Ethan to baby bookworms. I remember taking Owen all of the time... and then things were a bit busier when Addyson was a baby... we were doing more activities centered around Owen that Addyson would get to join in on.  Now that both big kids are in school, I can go back to doing baby things again!! : )
Baby bookworms has many different things they do with the children; sing songs, read books (usually with a puppet or two), and then dance to music.  Ethan saw a little girl with a monkey puppet and he WANTED it and wasn't taking no for an answer.  A 3 year old girl had it and told Ethan "NO!" when he tried to take it but he gave a little squeal and held on to that monkey with all of his might!  The girl turned to walk away (towards her mom), and Ethan held on and walked with while pulling on the monkey at the same time.  Before I knew it.... Ethan was walking back with the monkey!  I couldn't believe it!  We call him our "little bully" and he sort of is.  I mouthed to the mom (who was across the room... and wearing this boot on my foot doesn't let me get up and move quickly to get Ethan if I need to) "Sorry" and then I motioned for the little girl to come get the monkey from me.  The little girl came and got it back... Ethan didn't see her at first.... but once he saw her walking away with "HIS" monkey he ran after her screaming. The little girl ran!!!  Too funny!!!  What am I going to do with him?!?!
Thankfully the bell shakers came out soon after and that served as a nice distraction from puppet stealing!!! : )
When baby bookworms is over, they bring out a bin of baby books for you to pick from to read to your child.  Ethan went over to find the perfect book for us to read!  Guess sitting in the bin helps you pick out a great book!
Once he found the perfect book it was just a matter of getting out of the bin with book in hand!!!
Here Mommy, can you read this one?!?

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