Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Busy Tuesday

Today we've had a VERY busy day!!!!  First let me say that I am a "single parent" and have been for 2 days so the fact that I pulled today off by myself really impressed me!!!  I still have "it" in me when I need to do it!  My morning started at 6 when Ethan woke up.  I got up, made eggs for everyone, packed lunches for ALL of us, took a shower, got everyone dressed, and made it out of the door by 7:40am!  The only thing I forgot to do was change my slipper over to my shoe (I have a boot on the other foot) so I walked around in my slipper all day.... it kind of looks like a shoe so no one really noticed.... it just bothered me because my slipper is brown and I was wearing black... but really, that was the only thing "wrong" with my morning so I'll take it!!: )
Our first stop today was dropping off Owen to school and we stayed to go to church with him!!!  I really like going to church with Owen at school, it is SO amazing to watch all of these kids behave so well in church and watch the big kids mentor the younger kids (the kindergarteners and 1st graders sit between the older kids, I think 6th and 7th graders).  The downside to me going to church is I bring my 3 and 1 year old who aren't so quiet.  On Sunday there are plenty of distractions so Ethan's babbling is not really heard..... on Tuesday it is SUPER quiet so Ethan's babbling rings loud and clear and causes some of the kids to turn and look.  So, it is a bit stressful to me, which is why I don't go often and which is why I go on Tuesdays (if I do go) because my mom is there to help with the little kids!
After church, we stayed up at the school and met with our Catholic playgroup.  This Tuesday they were meeting in the nursery (sometimes we meet at people's houses) which was perfect for us (one of the reasons we stayed and went to church with Owen).  The kids got to play with the toys and then we did some Valentine's Day crafts thanks to one of the moms bringing fun stamping supplies!!!
Addyson and a lot of the little girls were really into it!!!  They made butterfly suckers, pencil toppers that said "Happy Valentine's Day", and filled a bag with Valentine's Day candy corn!!!  I think Addyson made 7 or 8 butterfly suckers and a handful of pencils!  She HAD to make one for Owen... and for Ethan.... and for me.... and for daddy!!!  I love how she thinks of all of us whenever she is doing something!  Ethan wanted in on the fun too but I had to watch him.... he kept biting the erasers off of the pencils! : )
After playgroup, we stayed up at the school to eat lunch with Owen!!!!  I had planned on this so I had a lunch packed for all of us!!!  I thought lunch was at 11:15 so I rushed out from playgroup to go meet Owen.... well I ended up being 30 minutes off..... at least I was 30 minutes early and not 30 minutes late!!! So we hung out in the hallway and waited for Owen to come!
Owen was SO happy to see us!  He really loves showing off his brother and sister.... and even me.... to his friends!
Ethan didn't want to sit in the stroller long... he wanted up at the table with the rest of the big kids!!!
Lunch was exciting!  Talking with Owen about his morning, chatting with his friends about their day, and watching Addyson love being a part of the "big kid" environment was fun.  And something else exciting happened...... Ethan ate 1/4 of a banana!!!!!  This is his first fruit to eat that is not in the pouch!!!  He has has one bite here and one bite there but that is it!  Today, he kept eating!!!  We all clapped for him and Owen took our picture to make this occasion!!! : )
We left school exhausted!  It was WAY past Ethan's nap time and this momma was worn out from the busy morning!  We went to my mom's house to nap.... I am thankful she lives so close to the school!  It saves me from driving 20 minutes across town... that means more napping time!  Addyson begged for me to nap with her.... so I did!!!  I haven't snuggled up with her in a long time, she doesn't fall asleep when I try to.  Today we were both so tired we both fell asleep quickly!!!!
After nap we went to pick up Owen from school.  I was running on "E" and needed a "pick me up" so I went to Sonic for a "Happy Hour" drink... what happened next was a bit of a comedy act.....
The guy brings me a hot fudge sundae (that I didn't order) and sort of tosses it to me.... he couldn't get up close to my window.... it goes flying in my car, hits my leg, and lands on the floor.  Whipped cream, hot fudge, and ice cream now are on my jeans and cover my dashboard and floor.  I was in shock!  All of this is happening over an item I didn't even order!!!  As I pull up the cup that is now half empty the guy asks "Did that get on you".... well where exactly do you think that half of the ingredients from this cup that are missing went?!?!  YES it got on me!!!  So the guy leaves to get me a towel and another guy comes to bring me my drink and says "That will be $1.20"  I looked at him in shock... trying to clean up the mess and I say "You are going to charge me for my drink... you guys just threw a hot fudge sundae at me but... ok"  He looks confused and walks away.  The other guy comes back with a towel and coupons.... for a $0.99 drink.... really?!?!  I was there because I was getting a $0.99 at Happy Hour so is that coupon really a deal?!?!?!  Does this coupon really make up for having a hot fudge sundae tossed at me?!?!  I took the coupons, thanked him, told him not to worry... accidents happen... then I finished cleaning up my mess and left.... shocked over the whole incident.  Too crazy!  To make matters worse.... I get to my mom's house and my automatic doors won't open!!!  REALLY!?!?  I was SO confused.... I later found out that when I was cleaning up all of the ice cream that was on my dashboard and on my buttons that control things, the automatic door had gotten stuck and turned off.... glad that was an easy fix!
From Sonic, we went back to my mom's house.  We had an hour and a half before Owen's basketball practice, which is at school, started.  There was no point in driving back across town.  Again, thankful my mom lives close to school!  I cooked dinner at my mom's (while the kids played and Owen read books), fed the kids, cleaned up, and headed back to school!  Whew... is anyone exhausted yet from just reading about my day?!?!  I'm tired just reliving it!
Owen had basketball practice for an hour... while I chased kids for an hour!!!  We were at the point of Ethan's bedtime when practice was over!  I headed home with 3 tired kids!!  I gave them snacks in the car so they'd be full and ready for bed by the time we got home!  I bathed 3 kids, got them ready for bed, tucked them all in, and was ready to end my BUSY Tuesday as a single mom!!!
By 7:15 I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and a drink in hand!!!  Proud that I had gotten 3 happy kids in bed on time by myself and I could sit and relax and go to bed early myself!  What a busy and fun filled day!

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