Friday, January 11, 2013


Need a fun activity to do with a car full of kids?!?!  I have an idea!  Go through the car wash!!!
Did you know the car wash could be SO exciting?!?!  They love waiting to see what spray is going to come next!!!  The favorite spray.... the colorful soap spray!!!  The excitement in the van could not be contained!!!
What is funny is that the two older kids cried as babies when we would go through the car wash!!  They HATED it!!!  It was actually kind of sad!  Even Addyson hated it as a baby!!!  So... when I pulled up to the car wash today I was a bit apprehensive.... not sure what Ethan would do...
But, he loved it!!! Addyson kept checking in with him and he was all smiles!!!  It probably helped having a van full of excited older kids to help get Ethan in on the game and enjoy the fun!!!
These pictures aren't great but I love how they show all of Owen's facial expressions!!!  He totally ate this up!!!  I think he had the most fun out of everyone.... and he was the one that hated it the most as a baby and even as a toddler!!!
Here is my van full enjoying the fun.... we had Addyson's friend Ella with us for the afternoon!
I took advantage of our one nice, warm day in the middle of all of the cold.... now that my car is clean it will probably rain tomorrow!!  That's okay.... the kids wouldn't mind going through the car wash again!!! : )

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