Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Co-Sleeping Kids

Our bathroom remodel has us all a bit displaced.  Brad, Ethan, and I are in Addyson's room and Addyson is in Owen's room.  It has been a week and a half and it is starting to take its toll on all of us.  Addyson has been sleeping on the top bunk in Owen's room and has been doing okay up there.  It has always taken her a while to fall asleep.  She can be exhausted but lay in bed and toss and turn for an hour or more... calling my name, asking for a drink, needing to go potty... the list goes on and on.  Now that she is in Owen's room when need her to quiet down sooner so she doesn't keep Owen up... he really needs his rest for school and the later he goes to sleep the earlier he wakes up. It has been a bit of a struggle.  
 2 nights ago Addyson was SUPER sad.  She was even crying a super sad cry... she never does that.  It broke me heart.  She was up until 9:30 calling for me and crying.  She kept telling me she was going to "have bad germs"  Not knowing what to do, we made a pallet for her on her floor and let her sleep with us.  That quieted her down and she was asleep by 10.  The next night she wanted to sleep in her room again but it was 7 and I had just laid Ethan down so it wasn't really possible.  She likes the door open and Ethan goes to sleep with the door closed.  I was by myself with the 3 kids so I needed as much sleep as possible and it to be as easy as possible.  I talked Addyson into sleeping with Owen in his bed instead of up top... not so lonely with Owen.  It worked like a charm!  They both went to sleep and I never heard a peep from Addyson.  I tried not to get hopeful thinking it was just a fluke!  Well it happened again tonight!  Both kids were sound asleep by 7:15!  Maybe this is the trick to getting her little mind and body to quiet down... put her under the care of her big brother!  We'll see if this sticks and co-sleeping the big kids is the trick to everyone having a peaceful night!

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