Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day with Daddy

 Today daddy took the kids for the morning so Ethan and I could get some rest.... last night was a LONG night and I was SO tired this morning I didn't have the energy to get ready for church.  Ethan was super tired and crabby and you could tell he wasn't feeling good so he was my excuse to get to stay home!  Brad took the kids to church then out for an afternoon of fun.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't want to miss out on the fun.... I want to be there seeing the kids enjoy their afternoon out.... but I knew it was best for me to stay home so I asked Brad to take pictures for me throughout their morning..... looks like he has just as much luck as I do getting them to smile on request!! : )
 After church, they headed to Rogers to go to the new Cabella's and then I sent them to Target to get some things I needed.... while Ethan napped for 2.5 hours I did laundry (which is why I needed supplies) and caught up on the blog!! : )  After Target they went to the White Oak Station for lunch.  Did you know that that gas station has gourmet food?!?!  I wouldn't even imagine going to a gas station to get lunch!!!
They have several food items on the menu, Owen picked a hot dog and Addyson picked pizza, and they also have a nice salad bar!!!  After my request for pictures, Brad sent me this.... Owen eating a beet!  At the time I didn't know where they were but, it looked like they were eating healthy and having fun!!
Soon after I got this picture of Addyson and I thought to myself, "Do they not eat with their hands when I'm not around?!?!"  Amazing how kids are SO different when mommy isn't there!!! : )
Before they ate, I was starting to get antsy being left at home and was sort of wanting to get out so I texted Brad after Ethan woke up and told him we were ready.... I'm glad he was in Rogers and couldn't pick us up.... it was for the best that Ethan and I stayed home!  After all, Ethan was sick and not feeling good and the big kids really needed this one-on-one silly time with their daddy!!!!
I'm always around.... I get to spend a lot of time with them.... Brad's time with them is precious and a lot of times, if I'm around they come to me instead of him.  But, when I'm not around.... Brad gets lots of snuggles in!!!  A great way for them all to fill their "daddy love cup"!!!
I think this day with daddy was just what ALL of us needed; Ethan rested, I rested and caught up on things I wanted to do, Owen and Addyson got good Daddy time in, and Daddy got some good, silly time in with his oldest 2!!!!  We use to be so good about date days with each of the kids but the holidays came and life got crazy.... this day just reminds us that we need to do these special days more often!!!

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