Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ethan Meets Dog

Ethan got to meet a couple of puppies over the Christmas break!!!  He was in heaven!!!  First puppy was my furry nephew!  Meet Marley, Aric and Emily's baby.
My mom had Marley gated in her laundry room and Ethan wanted to hang out in the gated area with Marley.  Ethan spent a lot of time trying to get Marley to eat the bone!!!!  It was SO cute!  Since Marley is a baby he is really calm and non-threatening to Ethan so Ethan was loving the up close and personal one-on-one time with this "dog"!
We took Ethan out to go open presents and before we knew it, Ethan was standing outside the gate screaming to get back in.  SO.... he hung out with Marley while we all opened presents!!!  For Ethan.... this was probably one of the best Christmas "presents" ever!
Ethan also got to meet Max, Sophie's puppy.  We went to Joplin to visit Karrie for her birthday.  The big kids played with Sophie, I hung out with Karrie, and Ethan played with Max!!!  Max is about 11 months old and SO calm and patient!!!!  Ethan LOVED Max!! He followed Max EVERYWHERE!!
Max was tired of playing so he went to lay down.....and Ethan followed!!!  It was SO cute!!!  Max laid his head down to sleep but Ethan wasn't done playing so he kept trying to pick up Max's head or turn his head and Max was SO patient with Ethan!!!  At one point Max had gotten up and was walking around and Ethan had been following him around and Ethan wasn't Max closer so he went and laid down in Max's bed as if to tell Max, "Hey, come lay down here with me!"  Funny kid! 

Ethan loves dogs and I wish our dogs loved him or were this patient with him.  Chelsey runs from him and if Ethan gets to close to Shilo he snaps... UGH!  The only time they like Ethan is when he has food!!!  Funny story- Ethan likes the game of chase (with the dogs or with people) and he is usually the one chasing the dogs.  Tonight Ethan had a cracker in his hand as he was walking around so both dogs were following him.... Ethan noticed this and started to run and the dogs ran after him....  CHASE!!!  Perfect!!!  Ethan was giggling and loving the game with the dogs.... who often avoid him!  He didn't know they were just chasing the cracker.... hey, whatever works! : )  Maybe one day Ethan will grow on our dogs!

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