Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Going for a Blanket Ride

The kids have discovered a new mode of transportation in our house!  It is called a blanket!  Turns out you can lay on a blanket and be pulled all around the house!!!  It is a fun way to get you to where you want to go and a fun way to keep occupied for a good 15 minutes!!!
Owen would do a lap around the couch and when they got to me, Ethan would get up and come over to me babbling away trying to tell me what they were doing.  It was SO cute!  Then he would sign "more" to Owen....
and then he would go lay back down on the blanket for Owen to take him for another ride!!!
They did this over and over again!!!  Both of them were giggling the whole time!!!  It was the cutest thing ever!!!
Going for a blanket ride is a good "game" for the boys to play... the age difference actually comes in handy and allows them to both play a game together that they love and they each have a roll that is age appropriate and a roll that they want to do!!!  So fun!

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