Friday, January 11, 2013

Gymback Meet

The Arkansas Razorback gymnastics team is kicking off their 11th season and we were there!!!  We bought family season tickets and we were ALL excited for the first meet!  The downside, the meet is from 7-9.... and Ethan's bedtime is about 6-6:30 and the big kids go to bed at 7 so I was wondering how they would do.  They were great!!!  Ethan was SO excited to be there!!!  He sat in his own seat and took it ALL in!!
I like to get there early to watch the girls warm up (and I like to see all of their different leotards) and I like to watch the team of young cheerleaders or gymnasts they have come open up for the Razorbacks!!!  It is SO cute!!!  The kids get into it all!!!  Addyson watches all of the flips and tells me when she goes to gymnastics next week she is going to do that too... even the flips on the beam.... we'll see about that!! : )
The night starts out like this... kids in their own seats or on Brad's lap... but it doesn't take long before they migrate over to my lap... and leave Brad's lap empty!!!  I'm always asking him... how is it that he gets to sit back, relax, and enjoy the meet while I'm juggling kids.... and he could care less about gymnastics!!  We go because I love it... and I'm the one that doesn't get to watch much of it!
It's okay... I'm trying to just look at enjoying the experience as a whole... which means I end up watching my kids enjoy the meet more than I get to enjoy the meet but that's okay!  As long as they are having fun that's what it is really about... at least at this stage of life!
This little fan was loving it!  He can call the Hogs now!!!  Of course he does it when I don't have my camera ready and as soon as I get my camera out and make a request he is on to new things!!!  He was watching the girls, cheering with the fans, and dancing to the music!!! He did great... especially considering it was WAY past his bedtime!
Ethan also made a friend!!!  We have season tickets right beside the Yerby family!!!  I've been good friends with Lori since Brad was in Iraq 9 years ago!!!  She has Bayleigh how will turn 2 soon!  These 2 had fun sharing snacks!  Ethan was handing her snacks and she was eating... it was a game for them!
It was really cute until Ethan started putting the snacks in his mouth first and them getting them out to hand to Bayleigh... who would then eat them up!  Does he get this from me????  I guess when I bite things off for him this is how I do it!  Luckily Lori was really laid back about it all... I think I was the one grossed out!  Silly boy!
Owen was really into the meet.  Cheering and clapping after every routine!  The downside- he is really into winning and wants to constantly know who is winning.  That means after every routine there was a slew of questions.... just what I needed, another distraction from the meet.  I tried to get him to just sit back and enjoy the meet but that was almost impossible...... can't relax if you don't know who is winning!!!!
Addyson's friend Ella and her family sat behind us so Addyson spent some time with them!!!  Here are some future Razorback Cheerleaders!!! 

It was getting late and the kids were getting restless so we left right before floor... which is my favorite event to watch.... but it was time to go... needed to leave on a high note!  I'm pretty sure the meet is going to be televised so I'll have to catch the floor routines and final scores there!  It was a great kick-off to the Gymbacks 11th season!

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