Friday, January 4, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

I've got ALL of the birthday boy's balloons!!!
 The parents were not going to sing "Happy Birthday" to Conner, they were going to wait until his birthday tomorrow BUT, Owen would NOT eat his cupcake until we sang to Conner.... so we did!
Sweet boy!  There are just certain things that HAVE to/ are suppose to happen and he makes sure things go that way!
Front row seats for the boys...they make a better door than a window! ; )
Going for a ride
I'm like a big baby doll..... so I'll fit in here, right?!?!
The line up
Saturday morning breakfast
Hey, these glasses are cool!!!  They make the lights look like Santa, a snowman, or "Ho Ho Ho!"
New Year's Eve shopping with mom and dad
I'm gonna shoot that light!
(Owen was pointing out something on the tv and Addyson said she was going to shoot it... to aggravate Owen!!)
Giving daddy a back run
Giving Owen a back rub!
I'll help myself to a snack!
SO big!!!!
Helping make soup and wearing her new apron "So my jammies don't get dirty"
Hey Guys, can I come in your tent?!?!
Watching sister on the trampoline
Want a bite of my ice cream?!?!  SHHHH!!!! Don't tell mom!

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