Friday, January 11, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 An Official Jr. Razorback!
 Making kid soda!  Emergen-C
Making doughnuts for breakfast!
 Yummy Doughnuts!
Making a boat out of the Christmas tree box!
 We've created a monster!!!  He has to stand close so he can see every play!
 We love black olives!!
 Fishing for a baby
 "Ethan, look at the camera.  Here, let me help you!"
 Someone made it to the top of the bed before we could stop him......
 Daddy's girl!
Even Aunt Georgia and Uncle Josh's new counter is good to sit on!
 Lunch with the Oldenstadt- Bryant family... why do I make funny faces when I feed the baby?!?!
 Plate full of yummy Mexican food and he wants "deer ham" (deer sausage) (that's what's in his hand)
 Cool Dude on the go!
 Nammie picked up Owen from school so the little kids could sleep in.... they came home with a treat for all!!!  Even me...... Owen said, "Mommy, Nammie is as smart as a leopard because she knew your favorite kind of ice cream!!"  : )
Taking daddy drawings to his work so he can hang them up in his office!
 Owen made daddy Frosty complete with a hat (with flower), scarf, and broom!!!
 Someone got to stay up late to watch the BCS National Championship game!
 Snuggled up
 Playing babies with the girls!
 Going darker
 Brotherly Love
 Trading up car seats.... for a short ride home!  Ethan was shocked at first... but LOVED it!
 Saying his prayers
 Being silly

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