Friday, January 18, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Introducing Ethan to Briar Rose
I think we got a "thumbs up" from all of the kids.... Owen is savoring his whipped cream as long as possible!
 Crashing after a busy Saturday morning!!!
 Steak, scallops, and shrimp with veggies.... better than we'd get at any restaurant AND we ate in our jammies in the comfort of our home where we were ALL relaxed!  This beats eating out 10 to 1!!!
 A friendly game of Boggle.... until he challenges every word I made (up)... he doesn't like when I win!! : )
 SO tired, she passed out on the couch.... she never does this! : )
 Sweet brother snuggles!
 These two share many tender moments in the morning while Addyson is sound asleep!
 Watching the Incredible Dog Challenge!
 Owen, "Mom, it looks like Ethan is going to a garage sale!!!'  Mom, "Why do you say that?"
 Owen, "Because he has a bunch of stuff in his hands and he tries to give it to you or puts it on the table like he wants to check out!"  : )
"Puppet" (Muppet) Yahtzee
 3 peas in a pod
 Bathroom renovations... thanks to an improper shower build
 At the basketball game with daddy!!!
 Looks like some little people talked daddy into cotton candy
Daddy said, "I was out numbered 2 to 1... what was I suppose to do?!?!"
 NOT GOOD!!!!!
 Working on his spelling words for his first spelling test!
 Chocolate face, mommy's hat, and Ethan's toy... what a ham!
 She was sitting in Owen's car seat to go to gymnastics, I told her she needed to pick a different seat (she has 2 car seats in the van) and when I came back she was in my seat.... not the seat I was thinking of when I told her to pick a different one!!!  Silly girl!!!
 Shower remodel problem #6.... was made 4 inches too short.... I HATE construction projects!
We now have to wait another week before our shower is done!  Ugh!!!
 Roasting marshmallows with our friends!
 Make-your-own Taco night is the messiest night at our house!!!

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