Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Library Time

Today I organized our monthly Lunch Bunch with the MOM'S Club.  We were meeting at a local sandwich shop close to the library so I invited the moms to meet us for Toddler Time before lunch if they wanted to.  We had a small group show up and it was lots of fun!  I got there a bit early so the kids could do one of the favorite things at the library...... play the computer!!!  This is especially fun since mom's computer is off limits!! : )
Besides having my younger 2, I also had Addyson's best friend Isabella.  She came to play at our house before the library.... which is how she ended up with a band-aide on her forehead.... she (barely) bonked her head on Addyson's door but the girls are at the stage where you put a band-aide on the tiniest cut or anything that slightly hurts..... so Isabella went to the library looking a bit dramatic and we got lots of questions.... I had to laugh!! : )
The theme at today's Toddler Time was pirates so they got to hear several stories about pirates and then they made eye patches as their craft!!  They got to add gems to their eye patch and sparkle it up.  The girls loved it!!!
"Argh Matey"
I love these 2!!!  I asked them to pose for a picture and they grabbed each other for a big "best friend hug"!!!!  So sweet!!!  It is funny.... they act like siblings.... it is a love/hate relationship!!!  Not really hate, they know how to aggravate each other if the mood brings them to do so.  Thankfully today was all fun, games, smiles, and hugs!!! : )
After Toddler Time, we went back out into the library to look at some books and do some puzzles!!  I think this is one of Ethan's favorite things to do at the library.  After all of that fun we had worked up an appetite to go eat!!!  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of our whole group!!  It is probably because I was a little busy managing 2 hungry toddler and a hungry/active baby!!!  I love our Lunch Bunch but right now I don't get to chat much with the ladies.... I'm busy chasing kids!!!  That's okay.... my time will come..... Ethan is going to sit still one day..... right?!?! : )

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