Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making Decisions

Ethan is starting to clearly voice his opinions about things!!  Does he want something?  Does he need something?  Does he NOT want something?  He'll let you know!!!  He has been so good with signing "more" "please" "up" and "gimmie".  He has also been good about shaking his head "no"..... my mom told me that yesterday he would make it clear to her what he wanted by signing and shaking his head "no" AND "yes".... I didn't believe her!  Then, today, when I was getting his lunch ready, he was shaking his head "no" AND "yes" to things and that is how he got turkey, a cheese stick, and cauliflower soup for lunch!!!
He is starting to make decisions and let us know what he wants... like here he is saying "mom, enough with the pictures.... I want you to come sit with me!!!"
So I sat down and let him sit on my lap to eat his lunch.... he hasn't been feeling good the past couple of days.... actually, it has been really rough on him AND me!!!  I don't think I've had much sleep in the past 2 days.... which is why he and I are both still in our jammies at lunch time on Sunday!  Brad took the big kids to church and out for lunch so Ethan and I could stay home and rest/nap!  This was so much needed down time!  And really, having Ethan making decisions about his lunch gave me a little boost of energy to push through to nap was the cutest thing ever!
Then he decided he had enough of lunch... he never has much of an appetite when he is he played the transfer game... let's transfer our soup  from the bowl to the plate.  Keeps him busy and keeps me happy... and he is working on a skill! : )  I really am loving this new way of communication.... it has cut the screaming down in our house by more than half!!!!  That's music to my ears!!!
There are also decisions that Ethan makes that he doesn't run past us first.... like when he wants to wash his hands.... or is thirsty.... he just goes into our room, runs our bath tub and.....
gets a Q-tip wet and sucks on it over and over again..... yep, you read that right!  He is getting water off of the Q-tip.... that was after he drank from the drum and spilled half the water on himself... I guess he decided the Q-tip was less messy!!!!  Oh boy, what am I going to do with this little guy?!?!  He is into WAY more than the other 2 ever were at this age.... and even now!!!!  Hard headed, opinionated, strong willed, and making decision that he is unwilling to budge on all at the young age of 15 months!!!

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