Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mommy/Owen Date

Everyone is feeling better and ready to get out of the house!!!  I thought Owen and I would go to Sam's and had mentioned the idea to him of the 2 of us going shopping.... he said he was ready to go on a date with mommy!!!  Well that plan kind of changed when the rest of the family was ready to get out and go with .... so the whole family went to Sam's and Owen was disappointed.... cute that he was really looking forward to our special time.... so I promised him I'd make it up to him after nap (To which he tried to talk me out of a nap... he was ready to go... but mommy needed a nap!!!!)
And then it was time for our Mommy/Owen date!!!!  I really enjoy/savor these special times with the kids one-on-one!!!!  The amount of cuteness that comes out of them when they are alone is too much to take!!!!  Owen turned it on big time for me and I just ate it up!!!!
We went to a local restaurant to get a snack.  First Owen got to pick the table.... it was cute to watch him check out the tvs to see which games were on so he would pick the perfect seat.  There was a table of college girls watching him and they got a kick out of it and commented on how cute he was!!  Then I let Owen pick out whatever he wanted... he picked chips and dip.... big surprise!
Then we snacked.
Goofed around
Told Jokes
Laughed some more!
Snacked some more!
Goofed around some more!
And enjoyed our time together!
Isn't the amount of cuteness coming from this little guy too much to take?!?!
After our snack he wanted to do some shopping..... at the pet store.... so we did..... but we just did window shopping.....
even though this sweet  face wanted to do more than window shop!! : )  Almost was hard to tell him "no" ... but I resisted the urge to say "yes" and we walked out with empty hands.... which Brad was happy to hear!!! : )  We then shopped at Target and headed home for dinner.  Our afternoon date was SO much fun and a perfect way to end our weekend!!!!

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