Monday, January 7, 2013

My Newest Helper

I have a new little helper around the house!!!  I'm actually amazed when I sit back and watch him really try hard to do things I am doing and be helpful!!!  When he first came towards the diaper rack I cringed.... afraid he was about to undo in 5 seconds what took me 5 minutes to do.
Then I was shocked as I watched how purposeful he was in selecting inserts to hang on the bottom rack just like I do (I hang the covers on the top rack) and then he tried so hard to hang them over the rack!  He did a great job!  I am amazed that at 15 months he is really intuitive, helpful, and sweet.... acting SO grown up!
His helpfulness didn't stop with the diapers.  When he hears me doing laundry he comes running!  It is usually because he likes to play in the dog food and water bowls and when I do laundry that means the door is open and he has free access!  I usually try hard to run him out of the room.  However, now he is determined to stay in the room with me and he makes his way over to the dryer so he can help me.  The problem here is sometimes I put clothes IN the dryer (when they are wet) and out times I take clothes OUT (when they are dry).  Ethan thinks all clothes, wet or dry, need to go back IN.  So, when I take clothes out and put them in the laundry basket he puts them back in the dryer!  At least he is trying to help! : )
He also tried to help me put away groceries the other day after we came home from the store!!!!  Man, he is getting SO big!  He took the tortillas and put them in the fridge....
... then went back to the bag to find more food to put in the fridge for me.  He found something he thought needed to go in the fridge.....
and went to put them away.... only to find his tortillas had fallen out..... poor guy!!!  Didn't know what to think!  It was really cute!  I had to step in to help him so he didn't get too discouraged!  I just love that he is really starting to mimic more and more and I love that he is picking up on all of the helpful behaviors!
I think he'd like to help me cook dinner too..... if he could get Addyson to move over and give him space!!  : )  I think it will be a while yet before I give him a knife but, maybe soon I can let him start helping with dinner!!

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