Saturday, January 26, 2013

Out for a Drive

The kids are feeling better and ready to get OUT of the house!!!  Not only that but, I promised them yesterday that we would go try to feed the ducks this morning.... I had NO idea I was gonna wake up feeling really bad!  The sickness has hit me!  I spent the first several hours this morning on the couch with an achy body, cough, and runny nose.... I held the kids off as long as I could and then I figured getting out would probably do us all some good!  The weather was nice.... our first nice day in a while so we really needed to take advantage of it!  So the big kids and I bundled up (Ethan was napping) and headed out for a drive/walk.
By our house is the golf course and there is a protected wetlands area that has a "stream" that we see ducks in every morning.  We always talk about feeding the ducks after school but by that time the ducks have moved really far down the stream to where we can't get to them.... which is why I told them yesterday we could go on Saturday morning.... to try to catch them while they were close to the road!  Since it wasn't 8 they had moved halfway down so we had to do some off-roadin' to go find them!
The kids did great off-roadin' in the car.... and I managed to do okay hiking in my boot... still have this darn thing on!  I was suppose to go to the doctor this past week to get it checked out but with the sick kids I had to cancel my appointment.... we'll wait and see!  As we made our way through the brush, we ended up scaring the ducks off and they flew way down the stream to where we couldn't get to them.  Bummer!
We had even tried to park our car and go further on foot but we had no luck.  So, bad to our car we went...... with a bag full of bread we'll have to take to ducks who know all about humans and being fed!!! : )
Not wanting our adventure to be a complete waste, I tried to find some interesting things to talk to the kids about.  We found seed pods that were full and compared those to the ones that looked like they had been eaten by mice!!!  I could just tell we were walking amongst a rodent community!!!!  Made me wish I had some Sherman Live traps so I could trap some little guys and show the kids the different creatures we had living amongst us!!!  Took me back to my animal behavior classes I took while working on my Masters and the mammal trapping outings we did!!
After the kids had their fill, Addyson was first... I think she was worried one of the mice we were talking about was going to jump out of his burrow and come get us!! ; )..... we headed back towards the road.  It was time to go check the water and see if we could see any turtles, fish, or snakes.
We didn't have any luck seeing any creatures but we did enjoy our morning out!!!  And I had a brief moment when I took this picture that I realized we have been coming to this stream for fishing, exploring, throwing rocks, etc. 3 years!!!  I have watched my babies grow up here!!!!  Wow, time is flying!!!

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