Thursday, January 31, 2013

Owen's PJ Day at School

This week at Owen's school is Catholic Schools Week so every day the kids get to do different activities and they get to wear fun things like crazy hat, shirt from your favorite state, and pjs!!!  Today is PJ day.  Yesterday we had a bit of a meltdown as we were trying to pick out the perfect jammies to wear today.  He INSISTED on superhero jammies but all of his are WAY too small (his belly shows) and most of the are short sets.  I told him there was NO way he could wear those to which he replied, "FINE, them I'm not wearing ANY jammies tomorrow!!!!" (he is in a new stage of "pouting"... he also tells me, after I've gotten on to him for something, "Fine, then I'm not going to be your mom anymore!!!"  haha!!!  I think he says this because the kids tell each other "Fine, I'm not going to be your best friend anymore" when they are not getting their way.)  I'm not one to really care about the fits.... I can ignore them.... but I knew there was a bit of peer pressure behind the super hero jammies.... all the "cool kids" would be wearing them... and I knew he really did need a new pair so I made a quick trip to the store last night and got these Batman jammies for about 75% off!!!  Score!  I made one boy VERY happy and got a great deal!!!  But the look on his face when he saw the jammies was priceless and I could have paid full price if I had to!! :)
Fast forward to this morning and our little man was SO excited to get ready for school!  He slept with his jammies hanging on his bed and was ready to put them on as soon as he woke up!  I'm in a carpool now so here is the crew I took to school... every Addyson was still in her jammies...she fit right in!!!: )
When we got there and I saw that one of the boys was wearing Super Hero jammies and another skull jammies I was glad I ran to the store.... his bear jammies would just not have been that cool!! :)
Here is part of his class.  How cute are they?!?! : )
One VERY happy little boy!!!  This made it all worth it!!!!
One a side note- he has worn these jammies now 5 nights in a row!!!  One of my biggest complaints is that the kids change jammies every night so most of the laundry I do is jammies.... I think I may have found a solution to my problem!!!  : )
Today was also the school's monthly assembly where they announce the Panther of the Month, give out other awards, and acknowledge those who brought in over 50 Box Tops.... last semester Owen never heard his name called and kept asking why.... we really don't buy a lot of things that have Box Tops on this.... so this semester I promised him we'd make it to 50..... and we did with the help of some friends!!!  We turned in over 50 Box Tops and today his name was called to get his goodie bag... he was SO excited to come home and tell me!!!  Again, that smile made all to soliciting worth it!!! : )
Unpacking his goodie bag.... and just like others shared with us to help him get enough Box Tops... he shared his goodies with his sister!!! : )

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