Sunday, January 13, 2013

Panther Basketball

 Basketball season has started for Owen!!!  He has been counting down the days for about 3 weeks now!!!  I was SO glad the day had finally come.... poor guy couldn't wait any longer!!! 
He is on a St. Joseph team that is organized through the Boys & Girls club!  He is on a team of 5 (2 of the boys are in his class) and they will play 3 on 3 games with man on man defense!  His coach is Coach John, Taylor's dad (Taylor is in his class).  It is going to be a great season!
Owen isn't the only one excited about basketball starting!!!  Ethan is in love too!!!  He saw the big open space with spare balls laying around and he wanted down to get in on the fun!  This is Ethan's first exposure to basketball.... he is use to Owen playing soccer.... so he was a bit green on to play basketball.... he took this colorful ball, placed it on the ground, and started kicking it!!! : )
Practice started out with some warm-up drills and then they started shooting!  A skill Owen has been practicing since he was about 20 months old!!!
He can also shoot under pressure!!!  Actually, he prefers to be the one making the baskets!!!  I know he'll be good about passing to his teammates once he realizes that they want to make baskets too!!  Right now, he is just SO excited to be playing that he wants all the play time!! : )
One thing I realized is that there are SO many things to teach about this sport.... I feel like soccer was more straight forward and easy to learn!  In basketball we had to work on getting yourself free when you are on offensive so your teammate can pass it to you!  And then there is teaching the kids about man-on-man defense and trying to block the other team from getting a chance to pass it to their teammates!
One thing that we didn't have to teach them..... trying to steal the ball from the other team!!!  I think they are driven to take the ball away from someone else so you can be the one to score.... the trick is making sure you don't take it from your teammate!!!  Owen did a great job stealing the ball from the other team....
and dribbling the ball down to score!!!!  We practiced on Saturday and again on Sunday with the end of Sunday's practice being a scrimmage against the other St. Joe's kindergarten team!  So fun!!!  I can't wait for our first game next weekend!  I think it is going to be a great season!
It didn't take Ethan long to catch on that this was a different sport than soccer and the goal was to get the ball in the basket up high!!!  He was able to score with daddy's help!
And he even hung onto the rim after the dunk to show off!!!!  I really wish I had gotten a good picture of his face after his basket!!!  He was smiling SO big!!!
Then he went and got the ball and held it up high.... he wanted to make another basket!!!!  He is hooked!
When Ethan wasn't "playing" basketball, he was running the courts!!!  It is going to be a bit of a challenge keeping him out of the boys' way!  Thankfully we had 3 of us there on Sunday to help chase him around!!!  It wasn't so bad today since it was practice but the first game is going to be a bit of a challenge keeping the little 2 contained for an hour!
We are ALL excited about the start of the Panther's basketball season!!!!

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