Saturday, January 19, 2013

Panther's First Game

This afternoon was Owen's first basketball game!!!  He was SO excited about this day!!!  To make this big moment, he drew a picture this morning of himself playing basketball!!!  He made sure to point out to me his belly and belly button!  The kids actually spent the morning with my mom and went to the library to go to Shaky Bugs while Brad and I got most of our house back in order after the construction.  It felt good to kick off our weekend with getting thing back the way I like them!
We then went to my mom's to get Owen while the other 2 kids finished up their naps.  This was nice because it allowed Brad and I to get to focus on Owen and his first game and not have to worry about chasing kids!  Owen plays on a St. Joe's team that is through the Boys and Girls club and we will be playing school teams from all around our area.  Today we played the gray team (not sure which school they are from) and the first thing we noticed was that this team was a bit bigger than our team! But we didn't let that intimidate us.... we were all here to have fun!
The game got off to a great start!!!  The kids were playing good as a team.  They were dribbling, passing, and shooting just like we had practiced!!!
One thing we have to work on is getting Owen to "get in there".  He sometimes stands back and waits.... although I do have to say that he is very aggressive when it comes to stealing the ball from the other team!  He did a great job of getting the ball a couple of times from the other team, in a fair way, and taking the ball down to shoot!
You may have noticed my focus on playing fair.... that is because it was VERY apparent that the other team played a much different game than we did!  It was like they were coached a different way... coached to get the ball and win no matter what!  The didn't dribble the ball, they would just run it down and shoot and score... hardly fair!  The other team was also very aggressive.... pushing, shoving, grabbing..... I was actually shocked!  At first no one noticed because the eyes were always on the ball and who had it.... the ref was watching the ball and making sure it didn't go out of bounds...that was the refs main job it seemed like.
The I noticed Owen was getting the ball from the other team and #2 came up and pushed Owen with 2 hands and sent Owen flying.  He did it with such force that it sent Owen crying.  I felt horrible.  He left the game and didn't want to go back in.  After a few minutes out I talked Owen into giving it another try.... he had been waiting for this game for forever!
Owen went back in but kept a close eye on #2.... who ended up pushing Owen more than once... I was trying to work with Owen on "getting in there" but now he was REALLY standing back. It was sad to watch.  (what amazes me is that #2 parents didn't say anything to him... surely they were watching him and noticed what he was doing.  If Owen were to play like that I would pull him aside and remind him about the rules in basketball and about fouling.... better to teach him how to play properly now than to try to break bad habits later!)
The game ended... I've never been so ready for a game to end!  I couldn't watch any more!  The teams shook hands and left all of us St. Joe's parents shaking our heads.  What do we do?  Like I said, in the beginning no one else noticed it and the coach and other dads were just confused as to why Owen didn't want to go back out and play... then when I pointed out what was going on they all noticed what I did!  Our next plan is to get together as a group and decide what we would do as a team the next time something like this happened..... I just hope we never have to play another game like this.  I hope that other coaches in our league are teaching their team how to play fair... there is no fun in winning if you didn't play fair!  Stayed tuned to see how our next game goes!

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