Saturday, January 19, 2013

Princess Party

Our little princess had a princess birthday party to go to right after Owen's basketball game... which ended up being perfect timing!  Daddy took Owen to get a basketball to boost his spirits after the game and they wanted some daddy/son time.... no worries... Addyson was SO excited to go to her party!  I changed her into her dress in the street and did a mini photo shoot.... she wanted me to send daddy some pictures!!! : )
We got there a few minutes late so the party was in full swing by the time we got there.  I was quickly surrounded by lots of little girls all dolled up in princess attire!  So cute!  There were also several princess things to do.... like get your finger nails painted!! : )
You could also decorate a princess wand and tierra....Addyson opted to just decorate a wand.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!  Actually, on the way over to Ella's party, Addyson asked if they could play outside at Ella's house.  I wasn't sure what the plans were so I told her she had to wait to see!!!  We were all excited to see a lot of kids playing outside so we quickly headed out to join them!
There was a bouncy house set up for the girls to jump in!!! A  huge hit!
I tried to keep Ethan away from the girls.... he wanted in on everything!  He found this slide and that kept him busy for a while!  He was determined to walk up it!!!
And got very frustrated when he couldn't make it all the way up!!!!  He was so determined though, I wouldn't have been surprised if he would have made it happen!
Ella has an older sister who had a friend over and the 2 of them taught the girls a dance routine to a princess song!  So cute to see all the little ones lined up to watch the big girls!
Then it was the little girls' time to pair up and do the dance!!!  How cute are they?!?!
Addyson and her partner Lexi..... I have to admit that Addyson didn't last long.  I'm not sure exactly why but she wasn't really into the dance.... maybe because she didn't really know her partner... I have no idea.  She loves to dance.... I think she just likes to dance her own way!!!
Then it was tea time... how cute are they?!?!  There was a table set up with mini tea cups and mini spoons!!  The girls LOVED it!!!  They had mini sandwiches with other snacks!  Adorable.
And Ethan wanted his hand in ALL OF IT!!!!  See him standing beside Addyson at the head of the table?!?!  I couldn't keep him away!!!  He wanted a chair.  He wanted a spoon.  He wanted a cup.  He was about to clear that whole table!
So I decided it was time to take Ethan outside and let him enjoy some time in the bouncy house!!!  I couldn't fight him anymore inside... I was sweating trying to keep him away from the table!!!!  He was SO happy to be outside and bouncing!!!
He then sat down and I made him bounce!  It was a hit!!!  And made my job a bit easier for a while!
I kept going inside to check on Addyson and sneak in a picture or two!
At one point I found Addyson helping the birthday girl open her presents.... I had to remind her to sit down and let Ella open her own gifts!!! Addyson is just a helper and super excited so it was very hard for her to remember to sit!
Ethan finally found a tea pot and cup he could play with!!!!  Because he was determined at one point to go back inside where all of the action was!!!  Note to self... don't take the baby to a princess party again!!!!  Let him stay home with the boys and do boy things..... which I have to say Owen was sad after he heard about the princess party and asked "How come Ella didn't invite me?"  We are getting to the point where they are not going to be invited to the same birthday parties anymore so I had to break that news to him!
Today was Addyson's day to attend a princess party and I think she loved it!  From here we headed home to have dinner at our house with Troy and his family!!!  What a busy day!!!

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