Monday, January 21, 2013


 We love books at our house!!  Ethan has really become a fan of books!!  He carries them around and brings them to you to read them!  He is really drawn to Owen's books which makes me a bit nervous since they are not board books and he can rip the pages and he likes to chew on the covers but what am I gonna do?!?!  We have books everywhere and I hate to take them away from him!  This afternoon I caught Addyson reading to Ethan.... it was one of those sweet, tender moments I was so happy I caught!  She really is a little momma hen and takes care of both of her brothers!  She can't read the words but she was telling him a story based on the pictures!  He loved it and I know she did too knowing that Ethan was getting so much enjoyment out of it!
Owen can read now too and he loves to show us!!!  He was ready to me after school today and Addyson captured it on my phone camera for me!  It amazes me how much kids pick up in such a short amount of time!  I swear it was just the other day he was learning his first snappy words and now between his snappy words and knowing how to sound words out he can get through most of a book on his own!  And he is eager to do it!  It is almost time to upgrade our whole house from baby books to big kid books!!!!

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