Thursday, January 24, 2013


We've been sick at this house... I'll blog about that later.... and so we've been chillin' on the couch watching a lot of tv.... I'm starting to feel really guilty about the amount of tv watching that is going on but I'm trying to tell myself that this isn't normal and we are on survival mode so don't worry... but I do.... so, to try to "spice" things up a bit I decide to do a mini activity in the kitchen with the kids.... we gotta get up off the couch before we turn into couch potatoes (that's what I keep telling Owen we are going to turn into)!!!!
The show we have been watching the most is the kids' favorite, Noodle and Doodle, that I blogged about earlier.  They can watch that show over and over again and it is Addyson's only request.  She loves to watch the cow one!!!  The cow one is about a boy and a girl that go to visit their aunt and uncle on the farm and they want to know what they can do with the milk they get from the cows.
The recipe for the episode is fruit smoothies made with milk, apple juice, and a fruit (we used strawberries) that you pour into a cup you have decorated using honey and sprinkles!  After watching this episode over and over again..... even I was inspired to give it a try!!!: )  I'm not sure what Addyson was more excited about.... trying the recipe or trying the sprinkles!! : )
While I was blending up the smoothie.... since we are all sick I try not to let the kids handle the food too much..... the kids got to decorate their own cups.... keeping their germs to themselves!! : )
We painted the honey on the cup with a paintbrush just like they do on the show (well we really used a basting brush) and then dipped our cup in a bowl of sprinkles and swirled the sprinkles around to get our cup rim good and coated!
Then it was time to add our smoothie!!!!  Yummy!!!
Ethan saw everyone getting something from mommy so he didn't want to be left out!!!  He went and found a mini cup (it is actually the water barrel from Owen's Toy Story waterpark toy) and brought it over to me to get filled up..... he is not about to be left out of the fun anymore!!!
I wished I had videoed him after I filled up his cup!!!  He was smiling from ear to ear and doing his happy dance!!!  He was so excited to be one of the big kids!!! (note- this Life is Good outfit in one that Owen wore at this age!!! : )  )
He is so funny about trying new things..... it takes him awhile.... he'll act like he is going to taste something, bringing it up to his mouth and then he quickly takes it away before actually giving it a try... then he'll do his happy dance again.  He does this over and over again before....
finally giving something a try... and most times... the first time he tries something he makes a funny face.... not sure what to think about it!
While Ethan wasn't sure what to think..... Addyson was loving licking the sprinkles off and getting a colorful mustache!!! : )
The next step to enjoying their smoothies was to take them and drink them while watching the Noodle and Doodle cow episode!  That is just what they did!!!!
Ethan was so funny sitting in his chair with his cup... he didn't want to drink it, he just wanted to hold on to it and watch the show.  He kept spilling it because he wasn't holding his cup straight so I went to drink all of the smoothie gone so I didn't have to worry about it anymore.  He took one look in his cup, realized his smoothie was gone, and got upset!  He walked into the kitchen crying and then pointed to the blender and signed "please" so I had to pour more in his cup so he could take it back to his chair and finish watching his show!
Here is Owen showing off his sprinkle/smoothie mustache.  It was nice to see him active and smiling again after being down and out since Tuesday!  I hope the smoothies are just what we needed to start feeling better!

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