Friday, January 25, 2013

Sweet Sister

Owen got a small treat from Addyson to help him feel better.... you can see in his eyes he is still sick and doesn't feel good, poor baby! (this is after his nap after I picked him up from school early today)  Want to know how Addyson got him these M&Ms?!?!  It is a sweet story about his sweet sister!!
Addyson's class was doing a counting project with M&Ms and then they got to eat them after they were done counting them.  Addyson's teacher noticed that she wasn't eating all of hers, she was trying to wrap some of them up in a paper towel to save.  Ms. Bren knows Addyson well enough by now to know what she was doing..... every time Addyson gets something at school; a treat, a sticker, a coloring sheet, she always asks for some for her brother(s)... and today was no different.  Ms. Bren knew she had a small package of M&Ms left from Halloween so she got it for Addyson and asked her if she would like to take this home to Owen!!!  Addyson was SO excited!!!  She got to finish her M&Ms AND she got to bring some of the sweet treat home for her Owie!!!!  What a sweet sister she is!!!

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