Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 of 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  As we move forward with excitement and anticipation of what this year holds for us, I want to look back and remember 10 of our life changing events of 2012.... and share some of our family pictures I think I forgot to share last year!! : )  It was also fun to look back and see our top 10 of 2011!!!
1) We purchased a new-to-us RV and made the commitment to take it out at least once a month outside of the extremely cold months.  We stayed good to our word and made many great memories on our monthly RV excursions!
 2) We adopted Shilo and are "fostering" Chelsey
3) Ethan was baptized Easter weekend and we we were surrounded by many out of town family members and some of our dear friends as we celebrated.
4) Owen played soccer and was a real star and really fine tuned his skills impressing not only his mom, dad, and Nammie but also his coach, teammates, and other parents!
5) Addyson became a real helper in the kitchen and her and I really enjoy cooking together.  We are eating more meals at home (by far) than we are eating out!
6) Brad got a new job in May with a local company and he only travels 1-3 days a month and he has unlimited vacation days!!
7) The older kids took swim lesson at The Swim Ranch and Owen can now swim all by himself and Addyson is more comfortable in the water!
8) We took a huge road trip this summer vising Brad's family in Northern Indiana and my family in Canada.  We survived life on the road and actually LOVED every minute of it! 
9) Owen started Kindergarten at St. Joseph and Addyson started attending her Mom's Day out program 3 days a week.
10) Brad and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary with a Casino Night party with friends.
Every day I am thankful that we are so blessed with healthy and happy kids that are 14 months, 3.5 years, and 5.5 years and a loving 7 year marriage.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for us for 2013.  We want our theme for 2013 to be adventure and we have a few neat things planned so stay tuned to see if they all pan out!!!
Happy New Year Everyone! 

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