Friday, January 25, 2013

Week of Sickness

This week has been a rough week!!!  A week full of sickness!!!!  It all started last Saturday night with Ethan not sleeping good, crying, needy, and not himself.  He was coughing like crazy and I thought it might just be a cold that would soon pass.... I try not to rush to the doctor at every sneeze so I waited... until I realized the cough was getting worse, he was not himself, and I was exhausted from no sleep.  I finally took Ethan to the doctor on Tuesday to find out  he had a double ear infection.  I was relived it wasn't "the" flu that is going around.  Thankful that it was something that could be easily cleared up with some medicine!  Whew!!!  Rest was in sight!!!
Well until I picked up Owen from school...... I picked him up and was planning on going to my mom's to cook the kids dinner before basketball practice...... As soon as I got him he told me he didn't feel good, he wanted to go home and not go to basketball.  I totally thought it was nerves, that he didn't want to go to basketball after the crazy game on Saturday.  I talked him into going to my mom's to eat and to see how he felt after that.  I'm glad I talked him into going to my mom's because she lives just 3 minutes from church..... as soon as we pulled into the driveway he coughed.... "THAT" cough that says "I'm about to throw up"... so I rushed him out of the car and he got sick!  So back to our house we headed.  I texted Brad who left work early to come help me..... I was completely exhausted at this point due to lack of sleep and dealing with sick kids..... Brad got Owen and Ethan ready for bed while Addyson and I ran and errand and picked up Flying Burrito for us (Brad, Addyson, and myself).  The boys were in bed by 6 and we relaxed, ate dinner, and we all went to bed early... praying for an easy night!
Our night was relatively easy.... Ethan slept better and Owen slept all night and didn't throw up again.  Addyson came into our room around 5:30.... she soon told us that she threw up in her bed.... we didn't believe her... we thought she was talking about Owen until she asked Brad, "Wanna come see?"  And sure some point last night she threw up a little pile in her bed right by her pillow.... how did we not know?!?!  I felt terrible.  Owen slept until 7 and at 7:05 this is what our back room looked like.  Poor babies!
And when I walked into my living room this is what I saw.  The people in my house were dropping like flies!!!  On Wednesday everyone stayed home sick.  I wasn't sick.... thank goodness, just caring for the sick!  This was Brad's first sick day ever!  It was kind of weird. but really nice to have him home and around just in case I needed him!
Everyone did a lot of lying around and watching tv.  It was kind of sad.  But, at the same time, I was glad to have everyone sick at once hoping to just get it all over with and not dragging out for a couple of weeks.  I was also glad that no one had the "flu" just a stomach bug, really bad cough, and Brad had some kind of cold with sore throat.  We were going to survive!
And I was just thinking to myself that I was SO glad we didn't get sick last week.... when it seemed like everyone was sick and our friends had the flu... we had missed it.....well really we just postponed it!  Now was our turn!  Everyone stayed home for 2 days, even Brad.  Sick, lazy days resting and getting better.... and I was still healthy, doing loads of laundry and dishes and trying to stay on top of all of the germs!
By Thursday night the kids had started to aggravate each other so I knew everyone was feeling better and ready to go back to school the next day!  I needed one day with everyone gone to gear up for the weekend!!!!
Friday everyone went to school and work and I thought we were in the clear.... I picked up Addyson at 1, got home, got everyone out of the car, and 1 minute later got a phone call that I needed to pick up Owen!  He had a fever, was coughing all morning, and wasn't himself!  Ugh!!!  So, we loaded back up, picked up Owen, and everyone came home to nap!!!!  Poor guy was sick all week!

Follow- up- The kids were all better by Saturday morning, Owen even played at his basketball game..... Saturday morning it hit me!  I was a mess!!!  Achy and feeling guilty that the kids were spending another day in front of the tv but I didn't have any energy in me and Brad was still feeling under the weather (guys seem to take a lot longer to feel better!! ; )  ).  Sunday was another lazy day and by the end of the day I felt much better... I got to take a 2 hour nap!!!  So, now we are all healthy and ready to start our week!!!  I'm glad I was able to get over in 2 days what it took Brad 5 to get past!!  Mommas don't get a lot of sick time!! : )  I'm ready to be OVER this sickness and hope we don't get anything for a long time!!!!

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