Saturday, February 16, 2013

Addyson's Saturday Photo Shoot

So I promised I wouldn't post games from every one of Owen's basketball games but these pictures are different....  Addyson had my camera most of the game and spent the time playing photographer.        She was a very busy little photographer!
 She told people how to pose.
Who should be in the shot.
 Who should move over.
 She got candid pictures.
Silly Pictures.
Happy Pictures.
Portrait pictures
And Group Pictures!!!
She was one  busy little photographer!!!  And she enjoyed every single second of it!
She also passed the camera to others so she could pose for a picture..
or two...
or three!! : )
She was busy the WHOLE game.... about 45 minutes worth of photo taking!!!  So enjoy the rest of her Saturday photo shoot!!!  SO glad the Bryants were there to be a part of it!! :)
Uncle Josh and Mommy
Nammie, Daddy, and Ethan
Shorty between to 6 footers! : )
Daddy and Uncle Josh
Blue and Black pattern!
Tough Guys
Star of the game..... the one picture we have to prove where we were!!!
Hope you enjoyed the highlights for Addyson's Saturday Photo Shoot!

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