Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Addyson's Valentine's Day Party

This afternoon was Addyson's Valentine's Day party at her school (she doesn't have school tomorrow).  She was SO excited for me to come help at her school!!  She kept asking me all morning if I was going to go to her school (like I did for Owen's party) and then she would tell Owen and Brad that "Mommy is going to my school to help with my party today!".  I hope she stays this excited to have me around to help with school functions!!: )  We brought the gallon bucket of ice cream to share and she was SO funny trying to carry it around... hamming it up!! : )
She loved Ethan and I being there and she loved me taking pictures... she kept coming up to me asking me to take a picture with her and her friend.... her she is with Andrew.
She also wanted to help take pictures... here I am with Ethan... and it is Ash Wednesday and we all went to church before school so you can see the ashes on my forehead... and I got a lot of questions about it while at Addyson's school!! : )
Posing for another picture!! : )
The one thing that was kind of sad was that Ethan and I were the only guests at the party!!  The other classrooms were full of parents... I have NO idea why no other parents came to this room's party!!!  Boy, I was sure glad I showed up!!!!
... and I was a bit late.... we had a super busy morning trying to squeeze in church and Ethan's nap before the party so we ended up missing the pizza part of the party but there were a couple of pieces left for Ethan.... which is what Addyson is helping him with!! : )
Then Addyson asked me to take a picture of her whole class!!!  They are patiently waiting for their bowls of ice cream so they can make they sundae!!
Nothing like a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce, M&Ms, gummie bears, whipped cream, and topped with a cherry to make a girl say, "MMMMM!!!!!"
Silly sister! : )
Surprisingly, Ethan didn't go after the bowl of ice cream!!!
Nope, he was content chowing down on his pizza.... like a big boy!!!  This was my first time to give him a whole slice of pizza to go to town on!
And you could tell he was loving being a big boy!!!  He always wants to sit at the table with Addyson when we drop her off and today, he was finally getting his chance... and he was getting to be a part of the festivities!
Sweet boy!!  I've had several people comment lately that Ethan "looks fun" because of all of the faces he makes!!  Yes, he is fun... and yes, he has a ton of silly faces!! : )
Look at all the cute decorated bags!!!  It was too sweet to not capture!
Each child got to hand out their Valentine's.  Here is what Addyson made... remember, she made these at one of our Catholic Group playdates!!!  And she made just enough to pass out to her friends!
Then she drew an "A" on the back of each of them... that's as far as she gets right now when it comes to writing her name! : )
After the ice cream party, the teacher had other fun activities to do with the kids.  This week they are working on the letter "P" which is perfect for Valentine's Day... they did lots with the color pink!!  Here she is practicing with a "P" with a pink crayon!
Another group photo per Addyson's request!
While the big kids were busy with their activities, Ethan cleaned up!!!  He LOVES this broom!!!  Every time we drop Addyson off he goes right for it!!!  He carried it around most of this afternoon and did a lot of sweeping!!!  Maybe I need to get him one of these!
The kids did some finger "P"ainting and then made hearts with "P"ink "P"laydough!!!!
Lastly, they got their Valentine's bag to go through!!! Full of some many sweet surprises!! : )
What a fun Valentine's Day party for Addyson!!

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