Thursday, February 14, 2013

Afternoon Outside

The weather was BEAUTIFUL this afternoon so the kids and I took FULL advantage!!!  When the lighting is good I just snap away... the pictures turn out great!!!  Which means this post will be FULL of pictures and not so many words!!!!  I just HAD to post all of the good pictures.... sorry!! : )
It is Valentine's Day and Brad and I went back and forth on what we should out, stay home, order in, Brad bring something home.... we couldn't decide.... I realized eating out... on Valentine's day.... with 3 kids.... probably wouldn't be fun for us OR the sweethearts that were dining out!!!!  Brad offered to bring something home so I wouldn't have to cook... which I super appreciate... but the urge to make a veggie lasagna overcame me so I "threw one together" (words I would have NEVER said before)!!!
As I was cooking, the sunny weather outside was staring me down..... how could we be inside when the sun was shining outside?!??!!  "Hurry Ambre, Hurry!!!!"
Finally dinner was prepped and we headed out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon... the only thing missing was Brad!
 I asked our little sweet pea, "Who made you SO cute???"
 She giggled and responded, "Jesus!" .... melt. my. heart!
Her hair is getting SO long... just look at the blog 9-12 months ago... I swear she had NO hair then!
SO thankful for this sweet Valentine!
The kids took full advantage of the weather and got out a lot of their riding toys!!!  Addyson did many lap on her bike!
Owen rode down the driveway several times on his scooter!!
And Ethan played in his car...and insisted on getting in on the side without the door... stubborn guy... where does he get that from?!?!
"What, me?!?!"
Here is my fake cry face.
My confused face
"Hey, can you help me???"
If Mommy won't help me.... Addyson is always there to help!!!  I wanted my bike out since the big kids had their bikes!!!
But after Addyson got it out for me... she insisted on riding it... so I had to push!!!! : )
Owen's fun way of riding his scooter... he did it several times so I could get a good picture of it... I should have been standing on the other side!
While we were outside some of our friends walked down to say "Hi!" and Holden helped push Ethan in the car.  Ashley and I have been trying to get these boys together more often!!  They play good together.... if they could learn to share their favorite toys!!;  )  Each of them have a riding car like this one that they both like to play in at the same time!
After Holden left, Addyson gave the boys rides in the wagon... Holden came to visit in a wagon and Ethan LOVED it and didn't want to get when he left I had to get our wagon out!!!
And Addyson went straight to work making the boys happy!!!!  She is really the sweetest sister ever!
She saw me taking pictures so she stopped and came around to pose with Ethan for this picture!! : )
Sweet face!
These two did 20+ laps with the wagon....and Addyson ran most of the time!!!!  Ethan didn't want her to stop and she was determined to make him happy!!!!  Glad she has the energy... I sure don't !: )
Owen was content making his monkeys climb our tree!!!!  It was the perfect afternoon to do whatever made you happy..... Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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