Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Gym'back Meet

Tonight we had planned to go to another Gym'back meet.  When I told Owen what our plans were on the drive home from school, as soon as we got home he got busy making something that was Razorback... I didn't know what he was up to until I saw the final product.  He was making his own sign!!!  At the Gym'back meets they have small signs in the stands for you to hold up if you think a gymnasts deserves a 10.... I'm pretty sure that is where Owen got the idea from.  How cute is he and his sign?!?!  (I did help him make the outline of the Razorback..... not so easy freehand but I think it turned out pretty good!!)
Then he went and got dressed in his Razorback attire accompanied with his Jr. Razorback badge!!!  He is ready to go!
Go Hogs!!!
Watching the gymnasts.... "One day I'm going to be a big girl and do gymnastics like them!"
Using his sign to cheer on the Hogs with cousin Troy
They made an announcement that they were doing face painting in the lobby for $1..... Owen keyed up on that and asked over and over again to get his face painted.  I finally made Brad take him to put his little mind at ease!!! : )
Addyson got a pink Razorback!!!  I love our Friday family night trips to the Gym'backs.... even if I don't get to watch most of the meet.... it is still a perfect family outing!!!!

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