Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dinner with Colby

Colby and I have been best friends since my days of working at Razorback movie theater.... my senior year of high school!  He has moved, I have moved, he got married, I got married, I had kids, life got busy.... but we have remained best friends through it all.  I'm lucky to have a best guy friend like Colby and I'm so glad he and Brad get along great (he actually hosted Brad's bachelor party)...
and Colby is great with my kids and my kids LOVE Colby!!!  So evenings when he comes from dinner are a lot of fun.... laid back fun!!!  We have a standing joke too.... we provide the main meat dish (usually steak and shrimp) and a side and Colby ALWAYS brings a lettuce wedge with fixings (croutons, bacon bits, and blue cheese) and garlic bread!!!  It is now what he always brings when he comes.... which is great for Colby who likes consistency!! : )
I think the person that enjoys having "Toby" around the most is Addyson!!!  She loves "Toby"!!!  And tonight she expressed her admiration for him by making drawings of him!!!!  So here she is showing him his portrait.
Looks like him, doesn't it?!?! : )
She actually made 2 portraits for him.... and forgot to add his arms and legs to this one so she added it at the last minute! : ) (notice Owen is still wearing his batman jammies from PJ day!! : )  )
SO cute!!!!!
Everyone was having so much fun that the kids got to stay up 2 hours past their bedtime and then insisted they were NOT tired......  they wanted to stay up and play!!!  Good thing Colby now lives close to us and can pop over for visits more often!!!  We have so much fun when he comes to dinner!!

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