Monday, February 4, 2013

Ethan is 16 Months

This sweet little face is 16 months old!!!  16 months going on 3 years!!!  He is funny, loving, sweet, independent, hard headed, assertive, curious, and active!!!  He is just getting to the age where every day he does something new and I am constantly in awe of how smart he is!!!
He is always watching and learning.... actually, he doesn't watch for long... as soon as he sees you doing something he is interested in he goes from observer to wanting to be a part of the fun!!!  The only reason he is sitting for this photo shoot is because he is sitting in a wagon and waiting to be pulled.... he is a constant moving target!
He is smiley!  His smile lights up a room!!!  He has this smirk he does most of the time where he tucks his upper lip in as if to hold back a HUGE smile... so this is what we see most of the time.  Things that make him smile/laugh- his siblings, tickling, mommy's dancing, being outside, and animals!!!  When he sees animals he likes he laughs at them. It is SO cute!
He also has a serious side- things that make him be serious- strangers coming up to him (he is the shyest one of the 3), being really tired, not getting his way! : )
He is getting much better at eating.... everything but fruit!  We have had to work on him sitting in his highchair during meals.... he wants to be at the booth with the older 2 but he spends more time walking around from person to person, eating off of everyone's plate, and trying to get on the table.  We are having to be firm with him sitting in his highchair to break this patter!!!!
He LOVES meat (of all kind), cheese sticks, peas, avocados, black beans, carrots, and cereal.  He also likes green beans, sweet potatoes, yogurt, pretzels, and eats everything I make for dinner!  His favorite "comfort" foods are pizza (veggie) and french fries!!!  Still not a fan of fruit although he is starting to give bananas a try.  We are sticking to his fruit/veggie pouches to get his fruits in.  He loves milk and water for a sippy cup.  He still nurses A LOT.... and all night long!!!
He says on a regular basis- shoes, "cheese", dog dog, da da, .  He signs- "all done", "more", "nurse"(and he is making a sound with this like he is trying to say it), "please", "eat", "up", and he waves "bye" and blows kisses!  He is also babbling a lot of noises and sounds that sound like they are starting to be words!  He likes to have conversations with you and will babble back if you talk with him!!!  It is SO cute!!!  With his new found "voice" there is A LOT less screaming in the house!!  He just screams now if he is stuck, frustrated, or not getting his way! : )
His bad habits- climbing up on the kitchen table and dancing, climbing the ladder to Owen's bunk bed, emptying all my kitchen drawers, turning on our bath tub, and head butting.  He loves to head butt me!  Ouch!!!  And if he is frustrated/not getting his way he will bonk his head on a wall or anything close and then do his fake cry.  He is a mess!! : )  We call him a "bully" because he will pull at you, scream, and do anything he can to get past you or to get his way!!!
His favorite show is "The Lorax" and loves to dance to the music!!!  Speaking of music, he is really enjoying his Kindermusik class with his friends!!!  He also likes Mickey Mouse and Noodle and Doodle....not that he has much of a choice in that! : )  His favorite toys are his cars, books, and balls.  He also wants to color with Owen and Addyson.
What are your favorite items in the house? I like to chase the dogs
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk, water, and milk (whole)
What is your favorite food?  I love meat, cheese sticks, avocados, peas, and baby puffs.
What is your favorite toy?  I like to play with the Tupperware drawer and the pot lids in the kitchen!  I LOVE to play in the dishwasher!!!  I love cars and Owen's stuffed animals
What is your favorite seat?  I like to sit with Addyson in her rocking chair!  I also like to go in Owen's room and sit on his soccer chair!  I DO NOT like to sit in my highchair!
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite show? The Lorax
What is your favorite thing? I love to blow bubbles in my water cup!!!!!  I also love to dance!  I bounce and shake my head and shake my arms!
What size clothes do you wear?  I wear 12-18 month clothes but they are starting to get too small.  I am wearing a lot of 18-24 month clothes!
What is your favorite movie?  I love the Lorax!!!!  I will sit and watch the whole thing!  It is playing in our car right now and I turn my head around (I am still rear facing in my car seat) so I can watch it!
Where is your favorite place to be?  Outside!!!
His laugh makes us all laugh!
His sweetness melts our hearts!
His curiosity keeps us on our toes!
And his overall personality draws everyone he knows in to him!!!
Happy 16 months to my baby boy!!!!

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