Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feta Water

This week has been a bit of a tough week!!  I was getting ready to write a blog post and brag about how good Ethan was doing sleeping on his own.... the last time he had nursed at night was on Feb. 8th!!  On Feb. 9th Brad and I had our overnight date night and then the following week I slept in Addyson's room while Brad and Ethan slept in our room in our bed and Brad was the one to comfort Ethan all week!  The following week, I moved back into our room and we put Ethan in his crib and comforted him there.... that wasn't easy... many nights we were up and down a lot patting his back... but it got better!!!  Just when we were at the end of our rope, I had Brad sleep in Addyson's room so he could get some much needed rest for work and Ethan pretty much slept ALL night!!  He fussed for a second at 2am but I just said "shhhh!" from our bed and he went to sleep. He did the same thing at 4... and he didn't wake up until 6!!  We were on our way to FINALLY getting some sleep after almost 17 months!!
Then... this week hit!!!  UGH!!!!  He was screaming from his bed from midnight until 4 when I would finally bring him in bed with me.  He would quiet down for 10 minutes and then cry again... it has been terrible!!!  I finally started nursing him around 4 to keep him quiet, for me to try to get some rest, and to try to prevent him from waking up the older two... because he is a SCREAMER!!!!
I'm not exactly sure what the change is but.... I'm thinking/hoping it is teeth.  He is ok during the day but more needy than his usual self and fussy... not my happy, easy going baby.  He cries at night... so he gets no sleep and we get no sleep... so this house is running  a bit on empty... and after about 3 days of no sleep I hit "crazy" mode.... not good.
Which brings me to today.... I'm offically in "crazy" mode!  Ethan was up at 3..... Brad was in Addyson's room.... so I was trying to comfort him myself.... and he woke up Addyson at 3:30... so I had BOTH kids in my bed at 3:30 hoping they didn't wake up Owen and Brad... and I just prayed and prayed and prayed we'd all fall back asleep!!!  Addyson does not do good sleeping with us... it takes her forever to fall asleep... and any time Ethan made a noise she took that opportunity to talk to him.... I was going NUTS!!!!
We finally fell back to sleep to be woken up at 6 by Brad coming in our room..... if looks could kill.... it wasn't pretty!!!  Folks, I'm EXHAUSTED!!!!  So my morning got started off on the wrong foot... then I was late for our carpool so I had to drive OUT OF MY WAY in traffic to get the kids from a different location making me almost late for school.... GRRR!!!!  Before I realized I was late for the carpool, I had called my mom to see if she wanted to meet for coffee... she didn't answer... she called me back at my breaking point.... maybe that was a good thing.... she told me to not worry and to just meet her with the younger two for a coffee... which brings us to these pictures!  I finally got my coffee and breakfast... that was probably part of my problem.. no food and our coffee maker is broken.... I was also able to unload on my mom my worries for the day... she listened and was a great help with the kids giving me a nice break!!  Ahhhh... now I feel better!
Then, instead of having me rush out the door to take Addyson to school... my mom told me to sit and relax, drink my coffee, and take my time and she would take Addyson to school!  I didn't think there would be much relaxing on my part since I was left with the "handful" of the group... but he surprised me!  And this is where "feta water" comes in.... when Brad and his brother were younger and they would go out to eat, their parents would sit them at a different table and when they were done eating and waiting for their parents to finish up they would make "feta water" to entertain themselves.  How do you make "feta water"?  You take your left over food, put it in your water cup, and let it marinate.... well I think that's how the story goes... anyways, that is what Ethan did this morning and it was perfect... he played with his food and was happy, still, and quiet.... and I got to sit back, relax, and drink my coffee!!!  This morning I was thankful for "feta water"... it bought me a bit of much needed quiet time... after a VERY long night (and week)!!!

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