Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fiesta Night

Last night was our first night away from Ethan!!!  Our first overnight away from all three kids in 16 months and I was excited for it!!!  Every year, right around Valentine's day, our church's school hosts Fiesta Night as a fundraiser.  The Hispanic community cooks all of the yummy food and then there is drinks, silent auction, and live auction.... and you know me, I'm a sucker for a good silent auction!! : )  Brad and I have been going to this event since Owen was a baby.... we use it as our Valentine's Dinner
 My mom offered to host all of the kids at her house for their own "Fiesta Night" sleepover!!!  The kids were excited.... well at least the older 2 were.... I don't think Ethan knew what was about to happen.  He is still nursing at night... even though I have been working on weaning him.... we are close to him being weaned and I'm hoping this night away helps us move towards being fully weaned!!!
Addyson brought her apron over so she could help Nammie prepared dinner and dessert while the boys played!  I snapped a few pictures.... knowing my mom wouldn't probably have her hands too full to even think about taking pictures.... and then I rushed out the door!
We went with the Dixons and then met several other friends there and a lot of parents from Owen's class.  It was a different experience this time not that we are part of the school community and not just "church goers" that go to support the school.  It was neat knowing a lot of the people... at least most of the faces!! : )  And I'm SO bummed this is the only picture I took that night!  The food was amazing!!!  And we won a couple of great gifts at the silent auction.... I won Owen a pizza party for his class (he was SO amazed when I told him... he wanted to know how I knew the right number to write down.... how do you explain that I get to pick the number and then I have to pay that amount?!?! : ) ), I also won Owen a pool party at his center teacher's house... I thought that would be a great end of the year/ birthday party for his school friends, and then Brad won some wicker chairs.... really Brad, wicker chairs?!?!  I guess I can't complain.... he doesn't complain about what I bid on!! : )
To keep the fun going... and make it more of a date experience... we stayed in a hotel just down the street.... I needed a get away from all of the "household" chores that stare me down daily!! : )  This was my one night kid free in 16 months+ months and I wanted to take full advantage!! : )   We stayed up late and ordered in pizza!! : )  And I finally remembered to take a picture of us! : )
I slept pretty good... not through the night.... it is a bit hard to sleep through the night when your body is use to waking up every 1-2 hours!!!  And we slept in until 7... wish it was 9... but again, when your body is use to waking up at 5.... 7 is considered sleeping in!!!  Breakfast opened at 7 so we went downstairs to get something to eat and some coffee which we brought back upstairs and enjoyed in bed while watching tv.... awwww... nice and relaxing!! : )
When you eat breakfast at 7... you are ready for cold pizza by 9.... and you can do whatever you want when you have a kid-free morning!!!!  It was nice to watch "bad tv", chat about upcoming events, relax, blog, and lay around!!!  And we took full advantage of all of the above!! : )
And I'm proud to report that I didn't check on the kids once.... my mom made me promise that I wouldn't bother her/ wake her up... she promised me that if she needed me she would call me.... so I did good.... I kept my phone by me all day/night and checked it often and let my mom contact me first this morning to see when we were coming over!!!  We headed over at 10:30 so she could shower and get ready for church.... not so easy to do with 3 kids around if you are not use to it!!: )  You could tell Nammie was tired... a busy/long 16 hour period!! : )  She said the night was good.... Ethan fussed a few times but made it though the night and every slept until 6....
And this baby boy was VERY happy to see him mommy!!!  So were the other kids!!!  I like my night away and the reunion is SUPER sweet!!!!  While Brad and I have fun on our nights out... our time with our kids is even more fun and exciting!!!!

While I was nervous to leave Ethan for the first time (he is 16 months and there was so mom guilt since I didn't leave the other two until they were 18 months), I'm so glad we did.  We are now on the path to night weaning... and mom and dad having more energy throughout the day.... here's hoping we are all sleeping through the night in the near future!!!  So many perks to this years Fiesta Night!! : )

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