Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Outing

 Today Uncle Kellen and Paz came in for an overnight visit!!!!  The kids are ALWAYS excited to see Uncle Kellen... and we like having him around!  The minute he laid down on the ground to rest, the kids were ALL over him!!!  There is NO resting in this house if the kids are awake!!  I think he once labeled our house an 8 on a 10 scale of loudness!  Should I be proud of that?!?! : )
Since Kellen and Paz were in town we took the opportunity to get together as a family (minus Aric and Emily).  We headed up to Fast Lanes to bowl and play games!  We split up in two lanes and had all of the couples minus me on one lane and Nammie, myself, and the kids (Owen, Addyson, and Troy) on the other lane.
Ethan saw the fun everyone was having and he WASN'T going to be left out!  He found out that he could lift the 6lb bowling ball on his own so we really had to watch him.  Nammie was nice and let him go for her every now and then!!!  He loved it!
The problem with taking Nammie's turn is that he didn't have the aid of the bumpers... so we all watched with anticipation to see how he would do.... and he actually did pretty good!! : )
Owen is a pro now and can do it all on his own.  He would go right after me, so I would try to remember to move the dinosaur over to help him but if I forgot.... he could do it.  And after he bowled once, he would reposition the dinosaur to line up with the pins left!
Sweet pea had fun bowling too!!!  For her, I think it is about the experience as a whole and who she can help out!
We also ate dinner while bowling!  It is lent so we had to skip the meat options but they had really good fish and veggie options!!!  I'll have to keep this outing in mind all through lent! :)
 Showing off her sweet potato fry! : )
A trip to Fast Lanes wouldn't be complete without playing some games.... and taking a ride (or two or three) on the carousal!  This time we couldn't hitch a ride with another kid... no one else was riding... so we searched around until we figured out how to get tokens!!  And we had 3 happy kids!!!  Nammie walked beside Ethan lap after lap after lap.... I bet she got pretty dizzy!!!
 But we noticed Ethan was holding on tight and figured he could probably do it on his own... so we let him go for it... of course we were all spread out around so there was someone usually within arm's reach... but he didn't need us!  He is big now!
Troy took the opportunity to show off his trick pony riding skills!!!  He is a little daredevil... a mini Ryan!!!  He showed how he could stand up, then he let go, then he turned sideways, then he lifted a leg... always pushing it to see how far he could take it!: )  I just hope Ethan wasn't watching!! : )  That little guy doesn't need any help coming up with ideas!
We were out of tokens and took Ethan off to walk away.... he threw a FIT.... he LOVED riding this... so we got more tokens, put him back on, and had a happy guy!!!  And this time around Addyson decided to stand next to Ethan to watch him... like we do with the kids on the big carousals!  Maybe she was watching Troy and getting ideas! : )
We had to eventually pull the plug on the ride so we found some bright lights to engage Ethan!!  He is determined to figure out how things work!!!  Wonder where Owen is this whole time... he is off playing games!  Places like this get a bit tricky with 3 kids at 3 different levels.... thankfully there was plenty of family around to help keep an eye on everyone!
 Before heading out the kids were determined to win some candy.... even though I tried to tell them that they were wasting their money... they had to try... and Owen came up with an empty crane! : (
 Addyson is always quick to step up and say she can show someone how to do it or help them... so Owen stepped aside and let Addyson give it a try... and she too came up empty handed.  Bummer!  That's okay.... we had tickets to cash in and prizes to get and hurry out the door before major meltdowns happened.... it was 8:30 and WAY past everyone's bedtime!!!  So we ended our Friday Outing on a high note and look forward to another Friday bowling adventure! : )

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