Monday, February 18, 2013

Furniture Shopping

Did you know furniture shopping is A LOT of fun?!?!  At least it is when you are a kid and you are at the first one or two furniture stores of your shopping adventure!  The kids were beside themselves in the store.... the were running around like crazy!  Brad and I kept asking ourselves, "What got into them?!?!"  We had NO idea the furniture shopping was SO much fun!  We decided that if they are ever bored and need to get out of the house, we'll just take them down the street to a furniture store to burn off some steam!! : )
Now, here's the problem... furniture shopping for dad and mom (who is a bit indecisive) is a bit harder... or should I say, "not so fun".  We are wanting to come up with a good sleeping arrangement for the boys (I've been working for 9 days now on night weaning Ethan) and we are looking for some other items for our house.  I wish it was just as easy as walking into ONE store, finding what you like and buying it.
The problem is, we went out with one idea.... came across a new idea in one store but they didn't have exactly what we needed.... so we went to another store to find exactly what we needed without any luck.... so we went to another store again with no luck.... so we went to another store.... are you catching my drift?!?!
By the 3rd and especially by the 4th store the newness had worn off and the kids were reaching their limit!  Their legs were tired, they were hungry, and they couldn't figure out why we weren't buy ALL of the things they liked!!  They had made up their minds.... why hadn't we?!?!  The other problem was Brad and I felt backed up against time... this is President's Day weekend and there are A LOT of sales so we felt pressure to make our decision by the end of Monday night!!!!  So.....
we kept shopping and pushed our poor kids to their limit!!!  By the end of Sunday night they were done...Ethan had fallen (maybe he was pushed) and bonked his head and insisted on being nursed... right in front of our salesman who was working on selling us a bed.... Addyson was jumping on the beds..... and Owen was in the stroller taking pictures (at least he was still and quiet at this point!)  We realized it was time to call it a night and walk away from it all.... we needed to sleep on it... no pun intended! : )
Fast forward to Monday, Owen is off of school and we meet Brad at lunch at..... another furniture store.... he then suggests to me to take the 3 kids by myself to another store to check it out... is he NUTS?!?!  SO easy for him to suggest... we could barely contain the 3 kids together in a store... how was I going to do it on my own?!?!
But the pressure of this time limit was weighing on me so... after nap we headed out.  When I told Owen were we were going he cried!  There's my hint we've visited TOO many furniture stores in a 24 hour period!  But this new store proved to be the jackpot!!!  I HAD to shop and Brad HAD to come help make the final decision!!!
Not wanting to inflict any more "pain" on the kids, I asked my mom to meet us at Fun City to give the kids a break... it is close to her work and right by the furniture store so it really worked out!!!!
She entertained the kids and even fed them even though I told her not to... but a Mother knows best.... and I'm glad she did.... no matter how QUICK you think the checking out process will be it NEVER is!!!!  It was almost 7 when I picked up the kids... Ethan's bedtime is 6:30.... they would have never made it home to eat!  I took home 3 tired kids that were very grateful they got to spend the evening at Fun City with Nammie and NOT furniture shopping with mom and dad!  SO glad that is over! : )

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