Saturday, February 2, 2013

Game 3

Ok, ok, ok.... I promise I won't blog about EVERY basketball game this season but I have to blog about today's game!!!  It was such a great game, great energy, and Addyson was super cute so I have pictures I HAVE to share!!! : )  During warm-up and halftime we try to let the little kids go out on the court so they get their fill.... of course it doesn't stop them from wanting to getting on the court during the game but at least it is trying to meet them halfway with their wants.... especially Ethan who is anxious to get out there with Owen and play!! : )
Look at my spicy little girl.... with her hair fix, make-up on, Razorback face painting (from last night that she wouldn't let us wash off), "sassy face", and her high heels!!!!  Love her!
And what is extra impressive to me is that she can run and jump in her heels.... I can barely walk in heels so I have NO idea where she gets it from!! : )
Now on to the fun/ highlights of the game.  We played against a team that we were evenly matched against.... we actually know one of the players and his parents from Happy Feet soccer Owen played 2 seasons ago.  The little boy's parents were the coaches and they are very much into team spirit and playing fair and it showed on the court!  Both coaches were SO involved... you can tell they are getting the hang of coaching these young ones and coming up with better tactics to help guide the boys during the game.  Both coaches were running and up and down the court with the boys and trying to manage their 3 players at once helping them remember where to go, who to guard, "arms up", rebounding.... you name it.... but the energy was great and everyone was feeding off of it!
Owen did AMAZING getting in there, guarding his guy, stealing the ball, and driving to the basket..
to shoot AND SCORE!!!!!
Owen actually ended up scoring a couple of baskets this game!!!!  It was great!!!
I'm so proud of this team!  The boys, the coaches, and the parents.... we have all grown together this season!!!  5 more fun games to go!!!  I can't wait!!!  And while no one keeps score, I'm pretty sure we won this one!! : )
Great game boys!!!

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