Thursday, February 21, 2013

Helping Mommy Shop

Ethan is a big fan of "helping" or at least trying to help or mimic what others are doing.  He saw me putting things in the stroller on our recent trip to Sam's so he wanted to do the same... I just had to be careful what he was putting in the cart!!  I'll never forget a big shopping trip we did as a family last year and at check-out I was surprised by some of the items Brad had put in the cart... and at the same time he was surprised by the same items he thought I had put in the cart... turns out Addyson put them in the cart... so now at check out... if kids are walking around and "helping" us shop, we have to double check our cart at check-out to make sure we are not going home with pigs feet or something weird the kids thought we needed!
Ethan was insisting on helping me and was getting mad when I would take his items out of our cart... so I decided to help steer him in the right direction.... we needed chips for nachos and that was something he could help me with... they are light, at his level, and not breakable!  Perfect!
I pointed out what we needed and let him do the rest... and he knew exactly what to do!!!
What a good little helper!! :)

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