Friday, February 8, 2013

Her Own Style

My sweet little princess is going through a girly- girl stage.... I think she is a bit behind her friends but I can understand why... she has 2 brothers, no sister, and a mom that is not very girly.  She is really into make-up, purses, and accessories and she does it in her own style!!!  I LOVE IT!!!
I could probably take a few pointers from her!!!!  She is very purposeful in what she does and brings with her and these days she brings a lot with her!!!  She has at least 2 purses at all time... and this day she wore one around her neck hanging from a necklace!!!  Where does she get these ideas from!??!    She also had to make sure she applied her lipstick before leaving to take Owen to school!!!
When we drop Owen off at school, the girls in Owen's class flocked to Addyson to see what she had in her purses.  Addyson loved the attention and showing off her goodies!!!  It was so cute.  When we got in the car that was all she talked about... how the girls wanted to see her things!
She is also starting to put bows in her hair on the side and will let me fix her ponytail without resisting all of the time!!!  She is my sweet, spicy, sassy, and full of style little girl!!!
It should go without saying that she has to take all of her stuff  to school with her too!!!  She is very good about sharing it with her friends and putting it away when asked!!!!
And her style doesn't stop there...the other thing she is doing lately is wearing high heels and bringing extra shoes with the change into/out of.... I have NO idea where she gets this from!  The other day she took 5... yes 5, pairs of shoes to school and wore them ALL throughout the day!!!  Here she is at Owen's basketball game and she had her extra shoes in her backpack!!!  She's a funny girl!!!  Gotta love her and her style!! :)

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