Friday, February 22, 2013

In the Bowl

We have an ever growing problem with Ethan's obession of putting household items into things!  It started with putting items in the trash can... so when you threw something away you had to make sure you weren't covering up something important!  That progressed to putting items into cabinets and drawers... I found my keys inside one of the pots in our pots and pans cabinets.  And that moved to putting items into the VCR.  The problem has grown to one that might end up with something important going down the drain.... Why?!?!
Because Ethan has started putting items into the bowl... and not a kitchen bowl... nope, our toilet bowl!  Yuck!!!  I had to fish these marbles out today!  Gross!!!!  He has a new obession of playing in the bathroom!  Trying to wash his hands, unrolling the roll of toilet paper, playing with the toilet lid... and now.... lifting the lid and putting household items in the bowl!!!!
What will be next?!?!

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