Friday, February 22, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Mr. David helping Owen try to catch a shirt at the Gym'backs meet,
Finger (or thumb) lickin' good!
When Nammie goes out to eat with you.... you get as much dessert as you want.... funny  how I was NEVER that lucky as a kid!! ; )
I guess when you are a grandma... anything goes!
Getting ready to consign/shop Rhea Lana..... out with the old... in with the new!
"Mom, Ethan is laying on my lap!!!  Come take a picture!!"
What's for dinner???  How about a basketball!!!
I like suckers now! : )
My first PB & J
Addyson's "best friend" at basketball... Peyton... his brother is on Owen's team so these two hang out during practices and games.
Ethan INSISTS on putting every basketball onto the court... so I spend my time chasing him and keeping the balls from tripping the players!
"Someone" pooped in the bathtub for the first time.....
Learning to play the violin at Kindermusik
Turkey head
Playing the drums!  He has rhythm!
Swinging in her new jacket and shoes.... her new shoes are now muddy thanks to the muddy back yard! : (
"Happy Hour" play date!  Keeps us mommas sane! ; )
"Addyson, I need a boost!"
Showing off her cross necklace... I'm gonna have my hands full in a couple of years! : )
Ready for the show!
Skipping school to watch a dance Brazilian Dance Show at the Walton Arts Center
My mommy doesn't feed me enough!
Helping mommy clean!
All Tuckered Out!

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