Friday, February 15, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Inspired by the Brave music we had playing.... he found the items to be just like Merida!!!
 Finally big enough to play with his BIRTH day gift from his siblings!!!
A pencil drawing by Owen
Writing out his Valentine's
A great way to practice spelling words!
Morning TV Zone... while Shilo looking for crumbs!
A surprise Mommy/Owen dinner date
Giving Uncle Kellen and "High 5" .... his new trick!
Is this a brotherly hug OR is one brother trying to keep the other brother from getting in the game cabinet and making a mess?!?!
An at-home version of bowling
Someone went a little heavy on the lipstick!! : )
I'm going to take a picture of you taking a of me!!
Washing Ethan's hair
She always says, "If daddy will not be home I will be your helper!" and she stays good to her word!
A little game of basketball before school
Someone found Timber's hat... and tried it on... and ended up telling her first lie about it......
"Somehow" the ball at the top of the hat fell apart and she told me, "The ball just fell off"....
 SURE it did!
Cool cat
Some of us put on lip gloss first thing in the morning!
Addyson opened up this package from Amazon.... using a butter knife....
... and she got Ethan a kid knife so he could help her..... Oh Brother!
One thing about Owen is he gets inspired by his environment.... plays "Brave" after listening to brave music, plays basketball after watching a game on tv, sets up bowling after bowling the night before, and dresses up like Superman after watching the cartoon!!!  I LOVE how he gets inspired!
Helping his sister learn how to zipper!
Are you noticing a patter with Ethan at the end of meal times?!?!
I need to get quicker at catching him!
"These pants are TOO TIGHT!!!!!"
Someone is taking after her mother and hates jeans just as much as I did as a girl.... she is refusing to wear them now!!!
Banana Head
Note to self... never give a kid that likes to wash his hair with food a banana in the car unsupervised!

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