Friday, February 8, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

What I see Saturday mornings from my coffee drinking spot! : )
When you don't have a bowl for your pistachio shells, use the button hole spot on the ottoman!
Making a shopping list from Addyson's cookbook!
Hey!!!  There are cows over there and they are "mooing"!!!!
Morning art projects
Addyson and Andrew... Addyson took doughnuts to school for her teachers' birthdays!
I left the room and came back to see Addyson eating my salad (her's was all gone)...... I guess it is a good thing she loves salad!
Addyson has taken her drawings to a new level!! Colorful, all colored in, and appendages on people!
Telling her teacher about her make-up
Another perfect spelling test!

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