Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"It Fits"

Ethan has a new "trick" and it is something my other 2 have never done.... check it out!
This trick started out really innocently.... taking an item and putting it where it appears to "fit"
It can be something as innocent and logical as taking tickets and trying to put them back in the machine... they will fit where returned coins come out.  That's simple enough to get!
When I was shopping at the hardware store he discovered the candy dispensers and the door that opens.  He was smart enough to figure out that the Reece's door opened the easiest so he stuck to playing with this one!
He found some bolts close by and decided that they would "fit" nicely into the compartment of the candy dispenser!
He kept busy doing this for a LONG time!!  There were big bolts and smaller ones to try to fit in the dispenser.  He actually favored the big ones which made me nervous!  I was afraid they were going to fall out and fall on his toe and they were big enough that it would hurt him if it fell on him.  But, my worries were for nothing.  He had it all under control!
I love how he sticks his tongue out as he works! : )
And then he did the thing I thought only happened in commercials... he started sticking toy plates in Nammie's VHS player!  Really?!?!  My other 2 never did that!  But he sees the big kids sticking movies in there so why not put plates in there too?!?!
He also tried to fit the toy cups but that didn't go so well!!
So, if you are missing an item while you are at my house, try to thing of where "it would fit" and you'll probably find it!!! ; )

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