Thursday, February 14, 2013

MOMS Club Valentine's Party

The MOMS Club hosted their annual Valentine' Day party at Fun City....Addyson got ALL ready for the party... I had gone in her room to check on her and she told me to "get out" and she came out all dolled up!!!  Sunglasses, necklace, bracelets, and lots of lipstick!!!  Gotta love this girl!!!
Addyson was with Isabella and her mom and were meeting Ethan and I at Fun City... I went ahead to get a seat and get ordered.... and Ethan got to work eating lunch... he is now a pro at eating pieces of pizza!!!  He is getting SO big!!!!!  I totally realized it today while around moms and babies and realizing I no longer had the baby of the group!
The girls soon joined us and ate up quick so they could decorate the Valentine's bag and go play games!
My little crew... Veronica had to rush off to Issac's Valentine's party (she kept Addyson and Ethan for me so I could go to Owen's party on Tuesday... man, am I ever glad all of these activities were all spread out!!!)
With the MOMS Club we got a really good deal for $5 a kid!!  It came with a drink, a couple of slices of pizza, and 10 tokens each... can't beat that!!!!  I got a deal for Ethan so there was plenty of tokens to go around!!!  The girls had fun going from game to game and figuring it out on their own!!!!  They had to.....
I was TOO busy chasing this blur around!!!!  He LOVES chase so if he thinks you are chasing him... running away is that much more fun!!!!  Man, I get my workout with this guy!
Not only is he running around, he is checking everything out!!!  How does it work?  Where do I put money (or anything else) in?  How can I stand up on it?..... nevermind... how can I fall off of it... I have to be on my toes keeping this busy body safe!
Every now and then Ethan would run into the girls playing a game and he would try to mimic what they were doing.  Here you had to push the button over and over again..... and that is exactly what Ethan did... BANG on the game button over and over again.... at least the girls didn't mind!
And while I was chasing Ethan around, I tried to capture a few shots of the girls having fun... doing their own thing.... they were probably enjoying the fact that I wasn't really watching them/ managing how they spend their tokens!!!  They just did their own thing....
and had FUN!!!!
After chasing Ethan, I needed a break!!!  I took him over to the car "rides" and put him in one... so he would still for a few minutes!!!  He loved it!!!  He was completely fine sitting still... but, I found an extra token so I decided to let him go for a ride......
which attracted the kids.... I say "kids" and not "girls" because a strange boy showed up first asking to "ride with the baby so he didn't have to ride by himself"... well we've shared enough rides in our days that we needed to pay it back so I let the little guy with... and then the girls came!!!!  I got my money's worth out of that ride!!! : )  This was Ethan's Valentine's Day party... how fun!!!!

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