Saturday, February 23, 2013

Owen's Busy Saturday

This morning/ early afternoon was spent running Owen to all of his activities!  How can a 5 year old be SO busy?!?!  His morning started out with soccer practice at 10:30.... I thought it was a game and dressed him in his shorts, an underarmor shirt, and his soccer shirt.... I guess he was WAY under-dressed compared to the rest of his team but he survived!  Some of the moms commented about how he was dressed... good thing I wasn't there to hear it otherwise I would have felt terrible!!!  I was back at home with the little kids and had asked Brad to take some pictures of Owen's first day of Spring soccer... this is the best he got..... hmmmm.....good thing I'm the picture taker in the family!
The little kids and I made it out to catch the last 10 minutes of practice... that was just enough for them!!!  They were bundled up and able to enjoy 10 minutes in the windy cold and then we left before they could get miserable!
I snapped this picture with my phone before we headed out!  Brad said the minute he took to the field he was an old pro.... remembering all of his great skills from before the break!  He was born to play soccer!
After soccer, we rushed to grab a quick lunch.... one SO quick that Brad and Owen had to leave with half of their food in a "to go" box while the little kids and I stayed to finish up.... Owen had a basketball game at 12:20.... we were literally running from one thing to the next!!!  I was sure glad to have Addyson as my helper... she had the snacks for the boys in her purse!!!  She reminded me "Except daddy is not here, I will be your helper" (not sure why she says "except").
We quickly found our seats at the game... thankfully we didn't miss too much... and Addyson set a couple of rows up from us so she could get a good seat for pictures!!!!  She documented our time at the basketball court!
We got to the game just in time to see Owen fight to get a good view of the basket and then....
Shoot and score!!!
We also got to see him rebound the ball....
and take it down court to shoot!!!
The team we played was really good!!!  It was actually a great game!!!  Both teams were good at offense and defense!  Great at properly guarding their man, looking for their teammates to pass, and find good shots to take!!!
During half-time, Addyson got to walk around a bit and had fun taking some pictures!!!
Our star
Saying "Hi" to the camera! : )
"Take a picture of me!!!"
I love her new pose... she is starting to put her hand on her hip!!!  So sassy! : )
The game started back up and ended with a bang... we don't officially keep score but you sort of know which team is ahead.... today's game was so close that I have no idea who won.... it was a great game played by both teams!!!!
The other parents and I were actually talking about how FAR the boys have come since their first game!!!  It was amazing to watch their weekly transformation!!!!  A lot of that can be attributed to their great coach who has spent time coming up with new drills from them.. he has learned a lot from watching them play and comes up with new drills from them to learn new skills to add to their growing game!!!  I will be sad when the season comes to an end in the next couple of weeks!
So will Ethan!! : )  Actually... he is just super sad he can't be out there running with Owen... he gets to play ball with Owen at home... how come he can't here on the court????  Poor guy... soon Ethan...soon it will be your turn!! : )
Goofy daddy!!
Either he is concerned about the score... or plum exhausted from running Owen around and chasing Ethan!!!  Brad said this week all he wanted to do on Saturday was having a relaxing Saturday and nap.....  almost impossible with 3 kids... and one that is involved in sports.....
.. and friends!!!  After the basketball game, we ran the kids home to nap... Owen got to nap for about an hour before I had to wake him up to take him to a birthday party for Taylor (he is in Owen's class and on Owen's basketball game, his dad is the coach).  I took Owen to the party while Brad stayed home with the napping kids!!!  WHEW!!!!  What a busy Saturday for Owen...and the rest of us!!!

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