Monday, February 4, 2013

Owen's Drawings

Owen (and now Addyson) are really into drawing and writing these days.  We have TONS of decorated pieces of paper around the house.  They'll do a drawing and then say who they made it for, "Mommy, I made this one for you!!!"  I just don't know how to display them all or keep them all.... so, I'm trying to take some pictures of my favorites or ones where they do something new to show how their drawings progress!
First thing in the morning, he is drawing.  First thing when he comes home from school, he is drawing.  After dinner, another drawing!!!  Lots of drawings!  I love watching him.  Here he is drawing with the pencil and then coloring in with a marker.  He draws the trees one at a time.  I tried to get him to draw them all with a pencil and then color them all in that way he wasn't having to switch back and forth.... trying to save him time.... but he wouldn't have it!  One item at a time....
and then he turned out this beautiful masterpiece!!!!!  Our house with trees and Owen standing outside.
"Sponge Bob" he drew at school
a heart he cut out and colored in.....
He then wrote "To Sylvia"  "From Owen" on it and took it to Sylvia today!! : )
"Frankenstein" for Canyon
"A Monster with Horns"
The other thing Owen LOVES is holidays or any special day.  He counts down the days and when it is that special day he wakes up and tells us "Happy...... Day" and then makes a drawing.  He was SO excited for Groundhog's Day and had Brad turn the news on so he could see if the Groundhog saw its shadow and then was telling everyone the results... Spring is coming!!!  He also made this "card" with the help of his dad!!!!  I love his creativity!!!

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