Friday, February 1, 2013

Owen's Super Bowl

Today was the last day of Catholic Schools Week and they ended the week with a "Super Bowl" and assembly.  I volunteered to work the Super Bowl and I'm so glad I did!  It was so much fun!!!!  And I was surprised that Owen was in the first group that came to my room!!! : )
How the Super Bowl works.... the whole school is split into teams with a teacher leading each time and each team consisted of kids from every grade level!!!  The teams wore bandanas to represent their team, they had cheers for their team, and a flag and other items they carried with.  They would go from room to room and compete against other teams in different challenges.  I was in the math room where they had to answer math questions.  The kindergarteners went first and they competed against each other, then the 1st graders, and so on collecting points for correct answers!
 The teams filled the room, splitting it down the middle with a team on each side and they would cheer for the students whose turn it was to answer questions.  I loved witnessing the team spirit and sense of community first hand!! : )
And the kids up front took their turns very seriously trying to win as many points as possible!!!  Being in the math room made me realize how much I'd forgotten since my younger years!!!  I better start brushing up quick to get ready to help my kids with their homework!! :)
Here is Owen's team, the Lucky Leprechauns!
I think this team won it for best costumes/ team spirit!!!  The "Thing" team!!!  How fun are they?!?!
Halfway into the event an older child (they have the kids buddy up at school and the older children work hard on mentoring to the younger children) brought a very sad Owen into my room.  I didn't know what was wrong.  He was upset, coughing like he was going to throw up, and just distraught.  I thought the pressure of standing up in front of others to answer questions might have been too much for him... he doesn't like to be put on the spot and risk being wrong in front of others.  I told the older child to just leave Owen with me for a bit and I'd watch him.  Owen kept saying he was "So tired" and he was rubbing his eyes.... I know it has been a LONG week and the kids were SO excited this morning...., he probably expended all of his energy.... plus knowing I was in the building gave him an easy out.... I was wishing he hadn't seen me until later in the day.  I told him to lay down on this chair while I went back to helping with the Bowl and he feel asleep!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!  Kids were in my room cheering and yelling and he slept!!!!  He WAS exhausted!  Another sweet thing I noticed was all of the kids (especially older ones) that were concerned about Owen.  They asked me if he needed anything.  It was SO sweet!   At that moment I was SO proud of the children at St. Joe's and SO happy we had made the decision to send Owen there!!!!  I let Owen sleep an hour.... he missed half the Super Bowl.... and then I woke him up when I knew his group was going to get their team picture taken and get their snack.
And the very last event was the assembly!!!  The teams filed into the new gym to hear Mr. Wilburn talk about the fun week, the blessings of being at St. Joe's, and they played the "I Am" game.  So cute!!  Father John even made an appearance to give the blessing and you would have thought a major celebrity had entered the room, the students started chanting "Father John" and stomping and clapping.  It was amazing!!!
And I was So glad I was there to witness it all and be a part of it!!!!  And Owen was MUCH better after his little nap!! : )
To conclude the event the teachers and staff at St. Joe's did a Flash Mob and the VP Mr. Wilburn rapped "St. Joseph Style" song!!!  The kids LOVED it!!!!  What a neat event!! So fun!!

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