Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Owen's Valentine's Day Party

This afternoon I had the fun job of hosting another party at Owen's school!!!  I love being homeroom mom!! : )  Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and a lot of kids give up goodies for lent, the school decided as a whole to celebrate Valentine's Day a few days early!!!  It ended up working out great for me... this week is a VERY busy week, a very full week but, at least I get to be a part of all of the celebrations!! : )
The kids had decorated bags, exchanged Valentine's, and were ready for a snack before our activity!!!
This is Coleman (on left) who we carpool with and Hayden who is Owen's basketball team.  Silly guys!  That is Oliver behind Hayden.
Here is the middle table.... I tried to get better about taking pictures (for Owen's sake) of more of his friends... and not just of him!! : )
Here is the front table.
Me and my little man!!!
Cookie decorating was such a hit last time that we did it again!!!  This time the kids decorated heart shaped cookies, had 3 colors of icing to choose from, and different topping options!!!  They LOVED it!
There were also a couple of parents that came to help out!!  The energy in the room is so fun during parties!  I just love it!
Maybe the energy is SO good because they are all full of sugar!! : )
I love sitting back and watching their creative juices flow!!!  So hard at work!!!  And to hear who they were making the cookies for, "Mrs. Neumeier, I'm make this one for you!" and "I'm making this one for my mommy!!"  SO sweet!!!
Sylvia said, "Mrs. Neumeier, I'm making this one for you and I'm going to help you eat it!!" : )
Some of the parents even put in requests/ helped their child decorate their cookie according to their wants and then ate the cookie!!!  I joked with Greg that I should have gotten him his own set!!! :)
We were suppose to play a Hershey kiss game where they got in teams, stood in a line, and one at a time had to open a Hershey kiss wearing winter gloves then, once they did, they had the gloves to their teammate and this went on until everyone had opened a kiss!!!  We ran out of time so they will save the game to play at a later date.  We ate our fruit and wrapped up a fun party!
I love how Mrs. Neumeier can take a room full of kindergarteners that are hyped up on sugar and the energy of the party and get them to all sit still and listen to her directions to get everyone ready to go home!!!!  Amazed more and more by teachers and the great job they do teaching our kids!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to Mrs. Neumeier's Class!!!

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